Rescue Journal

Another loss for SAINTS

Alison  ·  Oct. 16, 2006

Honey-cat died unexpectedly at the vets this afternoon. Her bloodwork showed massive kidney failure, the vet feels given the extent of the damage that she was teetering on a thin thread for quite awhile, with maybe an underlying undiagnosed cancer and the stress of losing her home, toppled her to the bad side of everything. This stunned me as I had just called to see if she could come home this afternoon, I did not expect to hear that she had gone just moments before. This is the problem with senior, life-long cats losing their homes at such a critical age. I try to explain the risks to families but they think if the cat seems healthy and fine at home, they will sail thru the stress of major loss. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. I honestly thought until this weekend that Honey had done well. I hate this, because in the end, I carry the guilt...Honey would have preferred to end her life at home and not here and I let her come.



that really sucks, carol. i never even got to make her a page. go find those brownies.


this was a case of a well loved family cat and a severely allergic baby...there is no fault with the family here, just a calculated risk, a hope for a decent adjustment and in the end, crappy way for her to end her life. life does suck sometimes, and there are more victims than meet the is not always just the animals who suffer.


Rest in Peace sweet Honey. She knew she was loved and she was safe at Saints.


You are an angel to these children my friend. Honeycat felt love with you that had been snatched away from her. Love that she had grown in, become the beautiful girl she was, and then for reasons she didn't understand had that love taken away. It isn't your fault. There should be no guilt, not for you. Celebrate the moment you gave her, mourn for her yes, but in the end celebrate all the lives you touch, however breifly.


The guilt does not rest on your burdened shoulders, Carol. The "family" that wanted her gone, for whatever stupid, heartless, convenient, self-serving reason should feel the shame, and the guilt should eat away at them, but certainly not you.

What would have happened to Honey-Cat had you not taken her in? Like most (all?) of the SAINTS, I can only imagine that hers was a case of going to your Sanctuary or facing abandonment/starvation/harsh death/unneccessary euthanization, not to mention lonliness, lack of Vet care, hunger and all the other various cruelties people inflict on their no-longer-convenient pets.

I am truly sorry you have lost Honey-Cat, especially this way. Keep your head up, be kind to your heart.