Rescue Journal

another barn fright...

Alison  ·  Oct. 17, 2006

only this time, it wasn't flying bottle rockets, it was sneaky llamas. we have quite a large supply of carrots and apples right now, so as a treat i decided to cut them up tiny and add them to everyone's feed. all the guys were in their stalls and carl was watching his sheep mill around waiting for their dinner. i was at the shelf in the back of petunia's house chopping up the goodies to add to their food. tunia was snuffling around and poking at my feet trying to either hurry me along or maybe to make me drop some. all of a sudden the silent stealth pilot, slipped his very soft cheek against mine as he leaned over my shoulder to make sure i was dividing it all evenly. my heart just about stopped because tunia has a small and friendly rat that visits her and sits by her head when she is napping. i think said rat finishes off her breakfast each morning and i thought that was who was on my shoulder. i swear to god my heart dropped to my boots. i don't mind rats but i prefer to see them from a bit of a distance. anyway the good news is i have quit worrying about carl going bezerke and trying to kill me in a hormonal rage...he is much too fond of carrots and apples to injure his food source.



Sorry Rae, I was thinking more along the lines of a Ray of sunshine : - )

While he's there , we'll just call him/her Rattie. Sorry but everyone deserves a name.


lets not name the rat...there is a whole family of them that are moving out of here as soon as i figure out how to convince them to leave... chickens and their feed causes too many to move on or two i can handle but they breed every 6 weeks, armies should be so lucky to reproduce so quickly. i am sure i saw an ultra sonic rat repeller advertised somewhere or did i see it on the jetsons? can't remember...does anyone know? (no i don't watch the jetsons now but i used to when my kids did and my long term memory is much better than my short term and it sounds kind of jetsonish.)


I don't know if I'm to crazy having a rat named Ray I much prefer Templeton or Eunice or Bambi, but not my name!!!!!!


So, Mo, are YOU going to be the one to figure out whether Petunia's pet rat is male or female???


First it was Wilbur and Templeton, now Petunia and Ray. All you need is a Charlotte.


The rats name has to be Ray... unless he's a she then it must be Rachel.. I knew tunia was a social butterfly deep down & how great Carl is actually coming that close & watching over you, SAINTS works it's magic once again.


Petunia has a pet! yay! a little friend! that's very sweet.. just so long as little rat friend doesn't bring her 900 brothers and sisters for breakfast!
Carl must have been talking to the dogs.. if you poke your head right here then sometimes Carol drops stuff!


he was not snuggling, he was snooping...he hasn't come that far.

oh and it is a very small rat, barely bigger than a mouse.


Carol, that is so cool! A llama snuggle!!! Carl the aloof llama has come such a long way. I'm jealous.

I wish you hadn't told me about Petunia's new friend, though. Rats give me the creeps....I think I'll only visit her in broad daylight and with the doors open!