Rescue Journal

Desperately needed!!!!!

Alison  ·  Oct. 17, 2006

Excellent inside pot belly pig home for an excellent inside family pot belly pig. No barns, no sheds, this pig wants the couch and she wants a really committed and pig-intelligent forever family. how's that Janice??



Heck, Janice, if she lives to be 25 she'll probably outlive me! And she might share but Charley doesn't. It's a good thing Isaac can't get up on the couch.


Thank you Chris , the average lsife span if somewhere between 12- 25 .I have several teenagers here. The span is so broad because so little is known about them medically, we are still learning about them every day.

Jean.. she has her pillow coming with her??? she likes dogs and would share!!! And you could sing to her too.


I've passed your post on to a few people I know up here in the Kamloops/Penticton area that may know of someone somewhere.
Fingers crossed.


What is the lifespan of a piggy like this, Janice? (No, I'm not considering taking her - Charley would be most upset if she had to share the one and only couch with a piggy!). Just curious - and anyone considering taking her on would need to know.


Pebbles is currently sleeping in the living room with her dog friends on a huge pillow bought just for her. She was saved from certain slaughter at the auction as a baby. She gets up in the morning with the family and goes out to eat her breakfast and go potty before every one leaves her for school and work. She is all black and loves Tim Horton's tidbits. She is being forced out of her home in the city because of the livestock bylaw banning swine within the city limits. The family also fears fighting the issue because of there love for there other animals living there. Some one in the neighbourhood has it out for this family and there little pig. The issue states out by October 27th, this is not much time and I am net working in hopes some one out there could offer this little girl a forever home.

Please cross post for Pebbles


Awwww. They sound wonderful! I look forward to meeting her next time I come to visit. :-)
Thanks Carol.


this i think is a very small and petite pig...and she would easily fit in your new house whereas my lovely rotund petunia might not. but when deb meets my tunie, she will fall in love with a pig on halloween night and may want to share your new home with a petite little pig of her own. what exactly is the point of living in the country without at least one pig to enjoy it with. they are so cool chris, astoundingly intelligent, telepathic, sensitive and very much fun. tonight while i was feeding the barn, tunie sat at my feet, yawning with boredom as she patiently waited her turn. when her bowl was ready, she happily wagged her little tail as she got down to dinner....she is soooo cute!


Hi Janice
I'm sorry I don't know anything about pigs so please forgive me if this is a dumb question...

How big is a pot bellied pig that wants to be on the couch?

Not that I am in a position to take on a pig, but I am curious to hear what they are all about. :-)
Thanks. :-)