Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Oct. 18, 2006

when you believe one thing and realize you were wrong, it knocks the wind out of you. it leaves you gasping for air and scrambling for some way to return to that belief that made you feel safe. but once it is gone, it is gone. when that happens, nothing feels really safe anymore and you struggle to find some way to restore the balance. but you have to wait til the lesson is finished. and sometimes, a simple act of kindness, gives back some semblence of faith and hope. sometimes we think we are alone, and we aren't and that is a good thing to know. and simple acts of kindness are not always simple, sometimes it is pretty complicated and difficult to make it seem simple and easy...and that is an even greater kindness on the part of the giver. we take far too much for granted. and once in awhile it is a good (altho unsettling) thing to have the world shake a little. it shakes out the dust and the cobwebs of beliefs not necessarily all that real so the real true things have a chance to be seen.

and that's my deep thoughts on a misty, rainy morning. now off to barn, laundry mat and then to work. i love afternoon shifts, mornings can be so productive if you don't think too long!



I think any one doing rescue thier reality is cut and dry.. the path is pure and true as it is thier hearts that rule them. There is nothign in the middle , nothing hidden and nothing gained except the well being of the life they are responsible for. There is no time for anything else so when that world and the rest of it collide every once in a while it can be unsettling.. for me i have to get back on the path to which i ahve been chosen for or I would go insane.