Rescue Journal

my favorite Dr. Suess quote....

Alison  ·  Oct. 19, 2006

is..."if i ran the zoo said young gerald mcgrew, i'd tell you just what i'd happen to do...."

i would make it rain hard from midnight to six am every single night til my water balance is restored (that way the barn guys won't get wet and cold when they are outside during the day)

i would make those 2 loose bunnies hop up my driveway and into the new rabbit room and i would close the door behind them.

i would make jesse stop being always sick and pops and panda's mouths all better.

i would make the icky chi's grow hair and stop itching.

i would make spritely's leg healthy and strong, and i would make moses younger, and jack and cedric feel good and phoebe be quiet.

i would make romeo stop pooping alot and everyone else stop peeing in the beds.

i would make andy like to be petted and jazz would do what i say and she wouldn't say no anymore..

hey! wait a minute here....i do run the come no one is doing it my way???



The blanket was also from Canadian Tire. Wool tartan on one side, rubber on the other.

Oh, and I love your assumption that you are the Zoo Keeper. It's adorable. Makes me think you've had a little too much Bailey's today, but it's still damn cute.

Chris Thomas

Hey Carol - have you thought about covering your bed with something waterproof when you are not sleeping on it? Deb once found these nice 'blankets' that were soft and fuzzy on top and backed with rubber. That may work. Or oven a big piece of rubber back matting from Canadian Tire. Then your bed would not get peed on.


Hahaha - you only THINK you run the zoo. In reality, the animals run the zoo. You are their one exhibit. Aren't you glad they don't keep you in a crate? (of course, some days it would be safer, drier, and much more peaceful if you COULD stay in a crate).