Rescue Journal

Things I learned at SAINTS today

Jean  ·  Oct. 19, 2006

1. If you just bought new runners, remember to change into your old ones before going to SAINTS.

2. Rabbit poop sticks in each and every tread on the sole of new runners. Dog poop squishes up the sides. Horse poop and Llama poop cement the bunny poop in place.

3. Cleaning the rabbit room is my least favourite task at SAINTS. Spending time with the barn critters is my most favourite. The dogs are pretty cool too. Well, most of the dogs. Loud red whirling dirvishes not included.

4. We need to get the new, easy-to-clean rabbit area finished as quickly as possible.

4. If you are hauling a bale of hay to the barn on a little green wagon, you will have two donkeys and two horses who think it is a moveable feast and will attempt to eat as much as they can before you can get from the back yard gate to the barn door.

5. Alpacas are terrified of black stall mats (well, I learned that at my place, but Martin is a SAINT).

6. If you are hauling woodshavings from SAINTS to my place (to cover the black stall mats) don't use a garbage can that tips over in the back of the car and doesn't have a tight fitting lid.

7. If you are putting the barn animals to bed and don't feed your own dogs before you go, don't leave a new 40 pound bag of dogfood on your kitchen floor.

8. The newest cat at SAINTS (sorry...I've forgotten it's name :() is an absolute sweetheart who LOVES people, purrs like crazy, and gives the greatest kisses and hugs.


Chris Thomas

Hey - I was slogging Phoebe on Brindle today to someone who loves German Pointers. Let's hope!


Oh Jean! I laughed right out loud at your post! The dogs all came to see what the heck was going on in here. :-)
"Horse poop and Llama poop cement the bunny poop in place" is classic!! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything! LOL