Rescue Journal

lol....tally is just like his mom!

Alison  ·  Oct. 20, 2006

...all it takes is one good kick in the head by a nasty little jackass, and he ain't ever stepping in that barn again....that is how i deal with stuff too! we are a matched set of two little cowardly lions!

he is going into the vet next week because one of his fatty lypoma lumps has suddenly gotten hard and we noticed he is sore on that shoulder a little bit sometimes too...he is such an utterly sweet, sweet and innocent dog. sigh, mr. softy.

i didn't have time to take the dogs for a run this morning cuz i am leaving for work early so i can shower at my families house. so i let them help me clean the barn...they liked that and phoebe was so very, very good. i told her that if she was like this all the time, she would be a perfect little dog.

holy smoke, i better get moving!


Chris Thomas

You can shower whenever you want at our house once we move...just a little over a week to go. You too Jean!!!