Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Oct. 20, 2006

So I thought I'd post an update on Ozzie and Honey since it's been a while.
They are both doing so well (with the exception that Ozzie kept me up last night). Both of them have chunked on a little weight, so I'm going to have to watch that.
Honey has come so far and I know she has more to go. She can be quite a stubborn dog and I think she is capable of much more that she lets on. I have been trying to get her to walk back towards the house so she'll learn to come back inside on her own. But it is proving a little difficult as she loves being outside and rarely wants to actually come inside (even with liver brownies as her temptation). Yesterday, I got her to walk to the cement on her own when I call her, but she won't walk any closer to the house. So I was thinking she's confused or worried about where she's walking, I hook my finger in her collar (that's how she prefers to be led), but she still doesn't want to walk forwards. As soon as I let go, she confidently turns around and walks back out to sniff the grass. Stubborn cow!
And if she smells food, there is no stopping her and her whirling tail. I had put peppermint moisturizer on my feet and she tried to bite my big toe.

Ozzie is getting better at not worrying where I have gone/am going. She hung out with me all day yesterday while I made the Christmas cards. She got within touching distance of one of the cats, but it was the one that doesn't care about dogs, so not moving cat= not fun. She's going into the vet's tomorrow for a checkup, so hopefully everything goes well. I'm sure she'll be happy that she gets to see Michael as I'm sure she missing her spats with him (honey's not one to cause much trouble).

I'm proud to say I have stopped checking on her during the night (to see if she's still breathing), but I am still neurotic at checking the colour of her gums, she doesn't appreciate that. It all leads back to the day/way Georgie died. They get to take one step at a time so, so do I.
Here is a picture that captures part of who they are:

While I still miss my Georgie incredibly, these two have helped fill the gaping hole she left behind. Carol, I honestly can't thank you enough for taking both of them in back in January and for letting me share in their care.



Great update, Nicole - so glad to hear it is going well (and I can empathize over the sleepless nights - if Isaac isn't plodding around keeping me awake, I'm checking him to make sure he's still breathing! LOL!).

And I take it Ozzie and Honey have got your parents totally wrapped around their little paws????

That picture really does capture who they are!


I'm so glad it's all working out so well. Both dogs must love being with you all the time. I can't wait to see the Christmas cards Nicole, they are going to be awesome I'm sure!!!!!!


this made my eyes leak,,,have to be careful, i am at work and leaking eyes do not belong here.