Rescue Journal

i have a splitting headache

Alison  ·  Oct. 23, 2006

and everyone has gone home so phoebe can finally shut up. i don't know which is worse, phoebe screeching at me in her frenzied visitor excitement or her lighting fast kisses that makes my headache feel like knives shooting evey single time her tongue contacts my lips. anyway i took some tylenol and am heading for a nap to recover from my night shift and hopefully it won't hurt so bad when i wake up again....but the good news is phoebe made a new friend.

Swinger is an ancient horse that will be coming to live out his days here ( typical heart breaking black beauty story) I will tell it later when i feel better).his guardian came to talk to me about Swingers possible admission to SAINTS...(with a story like that horse has, he is welcome here in a heart beat.) Anyway, apparently Swingers guardian, has a large (and very old dog) just like Phebers and the attraction was instant. Phebes put on her usual "i don't have to behave well for strangers" act and remained true to her own real little annoying self.

So out of that one visit, it looks like we have aquired a horse, a new volunteer, and who knows? maybe down the road sometime, maybe Pheoebe may one day find herself a home. or..... maybe not...but she did make a new friend, and friends are really important too.



migraine:day 2
i am cancelling and re-booking tally's vet appointment and i praying that phoebe is quiet today. swingers mom is coming back this afternoon to take phebers for a walk,...i hope she gets really, really tired and really wet and cold so she comes home and wraps herself up in her blanket and sleeps the afternoon quietly away. that would be nice.