Rescue Journal

heads up to our little jackie's fan club

Alison  ·  Oct. 24, 2006

she is replacing moses as first on the most closely watched list. i think her cancer is starting to become an issue. her confusion is worsening and she is not always in her happy little foggy place. i think she is starting to feel some pain. we will increase her pain meds and see what happens. kathy asked me please to keep her well til she comes back from holidays. i told her i would try but i couldn't promise. our happy little mechanical dog made a brief appearence and did enjoy the pizza night last night tho so maybe she will be ok for awhile yet. i just want everyone to be prepared tho, we knew she was a time limited gift for us and her time is getting shorter.



ooops...sorry...she is much better since sam cut her bangs around her eyes...i guess impaired vision is not good for demented dogs...ok i know, i suck...i do have her on antibiotics tho and upped her pain meds too, so maybe a combo of all of the above has made it easier for her....anyway, she was just mechanical dog shreaking to get some ice cream. so tonight she feels good.


How is Jack doing Carol? I have my fingers crossed for a plain old infection.


she peed on the bed THREE times last night...which in a normal world might be bad but in my world might be good, because if she has a bladder infection and that is what is bringing her down, that is fixable. hope she has an infection!
good think we got water yesterday, lot's of bedding to wash today.