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freddy needs a padded room

Alison  ·  Oct. 25, 2006

after cringing as i heard (and felt) him crash and thrash into every hard surface in my bedroom last night, i am convinced his head injury will never improve if he keeps hitting his head...migraine:day three...not sure i can think well enough today to figure this one out...i wish the bunny area was done, then he could have that back bedroom all emptied out and be safer..but it is not and handy guy is still busy elsewhere i think for another week.

anyone have any ideas? (for fixing my head as well as his???) or does anyone have an empty padded room temporarily available for a little, sweet but spastic cat?

and feel free to REFRAIN from padded rooms for carol comments!!!!



Well it looks like i may have a foster over on Saanich who is prepared to come and get her Sunday. The family who is loosing there pig is also loosing there mother as we speak so it is all a sad situation. I am doing all my calls to her cell phone at the hosptial ,her mother has been taken off life support. And in the middle of this greif we are trying to find a good home for her pig. The bylaw officers gave her until today but i really don't think they will be sending any one on a week-end to check do you? So this buys a little more time to get orgainized.. we hope.


Hi Janice
One of my contacts wrote me back on the 22nd saying she had two possibilities that were thinking about Pebbles. She hopes one of them will make a decision and be contacting you soon.
I don't know anything about either of them or even who they are, but I have my fingers crossed that it all works out for Pebbles. :-)


i am working afternoon shift so i can't go... i am sorry you couldn't find her a spot on someone's couch besides your own. and i know she wouldn't have liked my couch very much, but i did consider it. sigh...too many others on there here,


I guess i will be going and getting her after work tomorrow night and bringing her here.. BUMMER!! i so hoped i would find her a real home.


LOL Toonie would not roll over the pussy cat..they are hyper sensitive so she would feel her. . but yes i would think moving Toonie in would be ideal she is good padding . lol.


Janice, I'd be scared that Toonie would roll over onto Freddy and FLATTEN the poor thing - he can't move out of the way very well. Or were you suggesting we bring Toonie into Carol's bedroom to block the hard parts of the furniture with her chubby piggy body when Freddy crashes about? Now THAT would be fun! Do you think I could smuggle Toonie in there when Carol's not looking?


Maxalt is the only thing to take the edge off of my migraines; Imitrex doesn't work for me.


LOL..padded room for walked into that one, didn't you!

Freddy is adorable. I wonder if we can use an x-pen with a crib bumper pad (available cheap in the thrift stores) tied around the bottom of it to prevent bumps and keep paws from becoming entangled with wires. Could we temporarily put two or three bunnies out in the new bunny room (or the room behind it where Gracie et al are hanging out), and then use a padded x-pen for Freddy in the space they vacate?

Chris Thomas

What about imitrex for the migraine??? Works very well for other sufferers.