Rescue Journal

Some days are just a gift all day long

Alison  ·  Oct. 25, 2006

If you could measure the goodness in the entire world by what went on here today in this little place,,,wow.

Nicole was hosting her TTouch class here today so Eva came to help me get ready and by 1 pm, not only were the last of the bunnies at the vets for their speuters, but the house was clean, the barn was done and we had started on clearing out the rabbit room for Freddy. Then Samantha and her assistent arrived and Jack, Cedric, Murphy and Pause were groomed and Michael, Wilbur and Pippa all had their nails trimmed, Copper got his anal glands expressed (yuck) so now his butt is not so itchy and he won't fall over trying to itch it anymore.... my job was to stuff donuts down the faces of the drama queens and they REALLY liked that. As soon as they saw the donut, Jack stopped mid screech and Cedric stopped mid snap. Samantha is so kind and patient with all of these guys and Sheri her assistent is just as nice and kind too.

Then the TTOUCH class arrived with 2 instructors and 20 students. I cannot tell you how warm and good it made me feel to see all of these guys touched so warmly, and lovingly, and carefully and how each student wanted to know each of their stories because you could tell they were touched and moved by them all. Everywhere I looked, there was kindness and gentleness and the animals felt it so much too. Phoebe got the full meal deal and gone was her frantic barking and her manic movement, she was just like a normal dog for a change and they LIKED her too.

Right in the middle of all of this came the furnace repair man with his helper. he spent a couple of hours fixing our furnace so we have heat again, and fixing the dogs gas fireplce so they can toast in front of the fire on cold and rainy days like today. When he was done, (and i am sure it took longer than usual because he had to climb over people and animals cuddled together all over the floors) I asked him what the damage was...he looked at me and said "I am not going to charge you anything, I can see what you are trying to do here" completely kind is that????

We got the bunnies moved into the new area (they are in Xpens for now, but their permanent housing is coming soon) and I picked up the other bunnies from the vets and got them all settled in there too. And Eva and i just sat in that rabbit room and agreed that it was a wonderful and beautiful and peaceful place that would be even better soon.

Freddy is moved into the x-bunny room which is now our neuro unit for spastic cats and he won't hit his head in there because except for soft blankets and beds on the floor, it is empty so maybe soon he will get better. I hope so, he is a really nice cat and I am sure he would like things to be not so hard for him anymore.

And here is my funny for the day....when I was cleaning the barn this morning, I had all the dogs with me. Petunia was good naturedly grumbling away in her house and I thought she was telling me she wanted her breakfast. i told her as soon as i was done, I would put the dogs away and feed her (they steal her food). Anyway, i heard her start thumping around in there so i looked out of the stall i was in to see her with a huge wad of hay in her mouth, waddling out to her potty area (which i had not scooped yet). She carefully sprinkled her hay around on the ground to make it clean and then did her business.

I quite frankly suck at animal communication, I thought she wanted me to feed her, but she really wanted her potty area cleaned so she could use it. what a very smart and resoureful pig to take care of it herself when her human was too dense to get it right.

This was a very special day full of all kinds of goodness and I am so thankful to all the people and all the animals who made it so very great.


Chris Thomas

You certainly deserved a break after the last couple of days. How is the headache?


The furnace guy thing... made my eyes water , it sounds like SAINTS today was the place to be. Wish I was there ! Can't wait to see Cedric & the others all done up. Thanks a heap Sam & Sheri !!


Wow, what an awesome day and awesome people!!! I'm so glad it was a good day for you and all the critters, and that Freddy now has a safe, soft place to rest and recuperate.
Petunia is just too funny - that's one very smart piggy!


Wow Carol that sounds like an awesome day, not only did you and the animals have a wonderful time but I bet the students and the furnace repair went home with the warm fuzzies. And how kind was that for the furnance man to volunteer his services, maybe he'll be back to dog walk!!!!!