Rescue Journal

Things to help Freddy

Alison  ·  Oct. 25, 2006

1. if anyone has time this weekend (sorry i am back to work tomorrow) dry off and bring in those yoga puzzle mats that we put together for Saul and line Freddy's floor with them, that would be great. it would give him some extra padding when he is banging around the floor plus he is still incontinent so they are easy to wipe down too.

2. freddy would like a vinyl bean bag chair if anyone sees one in a thrift store...he could safely climb on it if he wants to be up a bit, it would give him some good muscle stretching and it is safe for him to bang into or fall off.

3. freddy might also like some soft stuffed toys and soft stuffed balls to play with...nothing too big, or too small...maybe grapefruit size...easy to grab and roll or toss around. good exercise again and will help him increase his coordination skills.

4. freddy needs to be firmly held when eating or drinking to stabilize him so if anyone is visiting, please take some time to help him have a drink or a snack if he would like. there are cans of soft food on the shelf in his room for him that he likes.

5. freddy likes company to lay on the floor with him, he really likes that best of all. so anyone who has time to visit in the next couple of weeks, freddy is eagerly waiting to meet you and spend some time getting to know you. and remember that freddy does not feel sorry for himself, he just wants some help and support to get better.



we're coming out Saturday to pick up our somosas, I'll tell hubby that we have to help out a bit. YEAH!! He wants to take pictures anyway.
If the mats aren't up yet I'll do that, if they are up then I'll just have some Freddy time and play and help feed.Good stuff!!


Heheheh - just be glad Freddy isn't an old crippled shepherd named Isaac who simply CHEWS his way through closed doors!
I'll have a look and see if I can fix it next time I'm over there.
Meanwhile, maybe he'd prefer a babygate to a closed door? He can't jump over it, and it would allow him to see and hear others.


he also needs his door fixed...he has figured out how to bang it open so he can go back into my bedroom which he happens to like better.

freddy, freddy, freddy...stick with the program please.