Rescue Journal

SAINTS tonight......

Jean  ·  Oct. 27, 2006

......was a quiet, tranquil place. The barn critters went into the barn in quiet orderly fashion (with just one little hee-haw from Jenny, and a couple of pleasant grunts from Toonie), the dogs checked to see who had arrived but there was little barking, and except little Lola even the cats had me on ignore as they dozed in their assorted beds. Saint Copper the Incorrigible did get up to say hello, but didn't woodle - not even a single "woo". And while Phoebe pranced a little in the dogyard, even she refrained from a single bark! Whether it was their T-Touch experience today, the dusk, or the changing seasons, they were a calm, content bunch. Let's just hope it wasn't the lull before the storm. :)

I spent half an hour with Freddy - what a sweetheart that cat is! And perhaps it's my imagination, but I swear he is making significant progress. He valiantly wobble-stumbled around the room, used his litter box without help, and gobbled down his food like he'd not eaten in a month. I discovered that by holding him completely upright with his head firmly against my chest and the bowl in front of his chin, he manages to wolf down his food with no problem. We cuddled, we took a little walk around the house with him safely in my arms and looking with great interest at everything, and I left him rolling around in his bed with a soft toy between all four paws.

He is a beautiful glossy black fluffball with shiny eyes that speak volumes. If he follows me home, can I keep him?



lol...yesterday she stood out there and patiently waited for like 10 minutes for the donkeys to go away and quit watching her so she could pee in private...they are such nosy little buggers....and no manners either,


LOL - I did see a bunny hopping around free, but didn't see any empty pens (though I didn't go in), so thought it was intentional - kinda like Carl in the barn. The bunnies all looked so happy in their larger quarters!
And I didn't notice the stall thief's evidence - she was in her own stall when I arrived; I fed her a couple of pieces of melon and she got up for a few minutes to rearrange her bedding (she'd pushed it into the doorway so I couldn't close the gate without shoving it back, which she resented). Carl was very hungry and came trotting right into his stall with all the other animals, so I didn't look at the back of it. Too funny! Maybe she wants a more private bathroom, rather than doing her business with two donkeys hanging their heads over the fence of her patio!
Wait till Carl finds he has to share his space with the sheep also!


ahh, so that's who it was? i just emailed you about that. He was out when i went in and kept trying to get into clover's pen. no cooperation from that bunny.


did you notice that thumper escaped from his pen and is having a social butterfly moment with all his roomies? i couldn't catch him, so i just locked the door and left him to it.
and did you see that toonie apparently tried moving into carls corner...she has built herslf a bed and a potty area at the back? funny pig...she's a house thief...carl is choked.