Rescue Journal

pictures in my mind

Alison  ·  Oct. 31, 2006

i have these single framed images in my head from today. phoebe in the back seat of leila's car, the old, old man in his wheelchair in his shabby home, the street man with a black garbage bag slung over his shoulder eating a sandwhich while he walked along the street, looking down into the lower meadow thru the trees and seeing lynn, mo and kathy with all the dogs, carl framed in the darkness against the light of the open barn doors, jack falling off the counter, (Deb's fault, not mine) deb holding freddy in her arms, thomas our new little man with his funny pidgeon toe'd duck feet, making friends with bill, and finally, michael with a huge dinosaur smoke bone, too overwhelmed to even consider anything except looking at it in awe.

it was a good day as long as i stopped thinking and just looked around.



she's used to it, she falls off my bed at least once a week. she likes the follow up guilt, good treats!


Poor Jack, she had a bad night. Wilbur, Michael, even Pippa-Phyllis-Diller had it out for her, and then I let her fall from the kitchen counter as she was doing me a huge favour by cleaning cat food cans for me.
Fortunately a little lasagna and garlic bread helped her get over her trauma. Poor wee girl, it was a big drop for a small dog.


Sometimes we spend too much time thinking and not enough time noticing the beautiful world around us. Some of my favourite "single framed images" of Saints are: the donkeys hanging over Petunia's fence; Carl's chocolate brown head peering through the barn window when I clean the barn; dogs lined up with heads sticking through the white backyard fence, waiting to come for a run; Copper at the park, his legs spinning faster than his round little body can go; and...the silouette of someone in the laundry area at SAINTS when I pull into the driveway (I always find that comforting, 'cuz if someone's doing laundry then there's no crisis going on AND there's water).

And just in case anyone thinks SAINTS now has a DUCK (pigeon-toed duck feet!), Thomas is an absolutely sweet, shy, quiet, precious senior border collie - with a bit of arthritis and large pigeon-toed duck feet! (LOL. Very apt description, Carol!). I'll get pictures of him later today.