Rescue Journal

lol...leila gave me a kick in the behind

Alison  ·  Nov. 1, 2006

and told me to quit fussing..okey dokey...good advice.

so onto my next most favorite topic....the animals.

thomas is the sweetest, nicest, most heart throbbing dog in the world. he is terrified of michael cuz he does not know yet that michael is a blowhard troll...all noise and no action. when he is worried about michael and his feelings are hurt, he does the soft face thing...almost always guarenteed to make a cookie and a hug appear. he LOVES bill...bill is his hero, his friend, his playmate and THE guy to follow around. bill likes being someone's idol, he is perky and bouncy and pretending he is only 12 instead of 17! i had them all out in the field today and it was a joy to watch them both together. thomas is alittle bit confused as to his breed tho...when he met petunia, he froze and pointed for like 10 minutes instead of crouching and herding but that is ok, he can be whoever he wants to be here.

petunia is pretty adamant now that carl's corner is her biffy for doing her business, carl thinks she should find somewhere else. she has finally consented to adding the quilt i gave her to her bed...each day she pulled it an inch or two closer and today it is right in the middle of her bed and now most definately belongs to her...don't touch it, it is hers! i made the mistake of tidying it up a bit and holy smoke did i get heck.

it is REALLY quiet and peaceful here right now as phoebe is off to sheila and leila's for a 3 day sleepover so leila can get to know her better....i kinda wish it was a 365 day sleepover but oh well, can't have everything.

cedric had his xray yesterday and while there are still little peices of toy mouse inside him, they are small enough that they should pass on their own. pandas mouth finally is looking better but now his skin is crapping out instead. baby jacks hips look sore today so i wonder if carl has been inspecting his feet lately. ogidie's feet are tender too and he is not looking so great today, that poor, sweet, cat with all his different allergies and auto-immune diseases that flare up periodically is starting another go around. he is getting pretty old, i think his immune system should just chill out and quit bugging him now. freddy had a soft poop crises and we trimmed away some more of his fur...pretty soon he will be either bald or well fertilized. he is so cute, he is killing his stuffies again today.

i have a huge tray of lasagna for dinner tonight, deb makes the best in the world and brought it over last night...i can't wait for the cookies to wear off and i get hungry again. mmmm!

and i guess i better go do the dump run and go harass the insurence broker and see if we have a new policy yet.



Carol, please give Ogidie a hug from me. What a sweetheart he is. I think of him often and really enjoyed spending time with him that day.
I would have loved to put him in my pocket and take him home. Such a quiet dignified gent. :-)