Rescue Journal

ok...i just heard a big tree go down

Alison  ·  Nov. 3, 2006

and it better not be on our property either, jean just bucked up all the fallen trees!

if anyone takes the dogs out for a run tomorrow...make sure you walk the property line first in case the tree took out a fence...i went out to see, but it is too dark and i can't see which tree it is. hopefully it was a tree in the bush across the street.



Okay, I've walked the perimeter (with Thomas, such a sweetie!). There are no new trees fallen over, but I noticed one very dead one across the fence line (I don't remember it from before, but it doesn't LOOK like a fresh fall) which, with the weight of the rain, has now pulled the fence down to about knee level - easy enough for our few active and/or determined ones to hop over.
I can't get there during daylight hours to buck it up until at least Monday, possibly Wednesday. So if anyone is there sooner and has a gas chainsaw or a manual cross saw, perhaps you could venture down to the back of the lower meadow (the south fence line) and at least make a cut where it crosses the fence. It's not the huge old one - it's about 10" diameter just east of the big old one.


I'll check out the fence line as soon as I get there, and make the necessary repairs if it was on our property.