Rescue Journal

my epiphany

Alison  ·  Nov. 4, 2006

lol...i finally get it!!! i watched phoebe be an unwelcoming bag to thomas when she got home and i watched thomas's feelings get hurt. and then i watched jack wandering around trying to pick a comfy spot and i watched cedric tell her to buzz off and pick somewhere else. unkindness, unfriendliness, selfishness, prickly tempers, bad moods, rudeness and bad manners are universal. they aren't just human traits, the animals have them too. why have i never figured this out before? i have just reduced us all to a common denominator...i feel free and i think it is funny. we aren't so different after all.



but do you know why they don't do all those things jean? mostly because they live in the moment, and because of that, they simply can't be bothered. pretty smart not to waste their time.

anyway...i knew they could be all those things, but for some reason it is ok with me...i like their quirkiness and it is not personal...that is what i just learned from my epiphany in regards to people ain't personal, it is just who we are!!!
i am not going to bother anymore either! this could actually be fun. the animals are so funny and interesting so people must be too.


Carol, you made me laugh! You are so in touch with each critter's personality, yet you didn't realize they can also be cranky, rude, pushy, etc??????
Maybe their very "goodness" just overcompensates for any and all of their bad days, bad moments, or bad moods, and so you overlook their momentary indiscretions.
And besides, unlike people, the critters don't seem to hold grudges, seek revenge, sue, exploit, or suck the energy out of those they momentarily snarl at.
We humans have so much to learn from them.