Rescue Journal

How to exercise a very overweight pig.

Jean  ·  Nov. 4, 2006

Put new shiny black stall mats on the barn floor between her stall and her "ensuite" across the way.

Put a piece of melon, with the peel removed, in the middle of the mats.

Step back and hide your chuckles behind your hand as you watch piggy first, tentatively, step onto the mat - one foot on, then back, then on, then back...two feet on, then back, then on, then backi....(Piggies don't like change and don't like new surfaces to walk on).

Laugh even harder as she finally gets the courage to go for the melon, but has to chase the slipperly little tidbit all over the mat with her snout.

Get on with your work as piggy continues to roam about looking in vain for more treats before waddling back to her bed.

Thanks, Ellen, for your help with the stall mats - a very wet, heavy job! I hope you enjoyed the entertainment Petunia provided as much as I did!



the barn looks great!!!! thank you so much, we are almost ready for swinger now, he arrives at 8 am would have been a disaster without you guys.


Not to worry - Julie and I put the rabbit cages back before we locked up the bunny room.

And I agree - it never feels like work at Saints, no matter how heavy or wet (or stinky) the job. Wish that my paid job were that enjoyable!


Ah yes... Petunia and the melon piece! What a sight! It's probably a good thing that her vision is not that sharp right now and she couldn't see us giggling.

Jean, despite the pounding rain and wet, heavy mats, it really didn't feel like work. Just something that needed to be done and it felt good. Bye the way, did someone put back the 2 rabbit cages that we moved in order to get at the mats? I think we might have forgotten to put them back... Oh-oh.

And Thomas just seems to be one of those dogs that takes hold of your heart. What a special creature!