Rescue Journal

the yin and the yang of a pig.

Alison  ·  Nov. 6, 2006

i had such a nice morning with toonie today. i was in cleaning the barn before work and she was helping. she followed me into each and every stall and amused herself while i scooped them clean. i guess she decided that i liked playing with poop because in each stall she generously made me some more to sift thru. normally she only poops twice a day, but she kindly exerted herself to give me five piles this morning to keep me happily occupied. she chatted away with me in her happy gentle little rumbles and made a new bed in each stall we visited. when i left for work, she was taking a well deserved rest in the donkeys stall but i see from jeans post that she moved onto spritely's later.

when i came home late this afternoon, her gentle little happy rumbles were gone...she was mad and she was mad at jean who shut her in her little toonie house so jean could work. toonie mad is another story altogether...she SHOUTS, and she YELLS and she uses foul language to make sure that you hear what she has to say. she told jean off in no uncertain terms and she wasn't all that nice to me either and i wasn't even there when she got put under house arrest. i just went in to check on her and she is still not speaking to me now.

i don't know about switching that gate around again jean, petunia might not like it.



Ellen, thank may come visit me again any time you like. You may even stay in my guest stall, if you wish.

Carol, I'm sure I will have more to say for the Post. I am a wise piggy, an astute observer of my social world, and I have many profound thoughts in my head. When the minions get tired of writing their drivel, I will write a column that will knock your socks off.


Humpff!! I don't know why you humans think this is so funny. I finally come out of my shell and take a tour of my new home, and I'm in the process of deciding what room will be used for which purpose when in barges that annoying person with the drills and hammers (see, I do TOO know the names of the tools!)and starts messing things up.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like it here. I like the woman who feeds me graham crackers, and even the annoying person with the tools brings me canteloup. And although I didn't care much for the manner in which the pedicure was given, I do enjoy being able to walk without sticking myself with my nails.

But lets talk about my accomodations, shall we?

I'm a big piggy. I need a lot of space. You humans don't have to share your space with a bunch of jackasses and sheep and llamas that poop right outside your bedroom door, so why should I?

The room you have stuffed me in will be my kitchen - it seems to be where the food is stored. The alcove across was going to be my bathroom until you put a silly gate on it. Spritely's stall can be my bedroom, Gideon's can be my living room. I'd like some variety, so I'll use the donkeys' stall as a family room, and that leaves one stall in case I want to have company stay over. That's it. I've allocated each of the rooms in my abode, and there's no room for noisy, messy beasties.

AND, by the way, the dogs tell me they have televisions and dvd players in their rooms and fireplaces too. I would like that. You may put a tv/dvd in my living room (or maybe the family room will be a media room), and I think I'd like the fireplace in my bedroom.

And if that silly woman wants to build things, tell her to build me a larger patio all in its own fenced yard complete with a nice mud puddle and some fresh green grass.

As for the foul language....I distinctly heard the tool lady use those words earlier in the day. I was just trying them out. A lady has the right to be assertive, doesn't she?


life is tough and we needed the gate...gosh she has a ton of toonie personality....when she is mad, she reminds me of an angry whoopi goldberg on a roll...she says it hard and fast.


Aww, I'm so sorry I ruined Toonie's day. If she had stayed sleeping in Spritely's stall I would have let her be, but once I started working in there she decided to get up and supervise and I sure didn't want that gate falling on top of her when I was hanging it. Plus she had to snuffle through my box of tools, and until she learns the names of them so she can pass me the ones I need she has to stay out of them. I will take her some canteloup or cooked carrots next time I come, and she will forgive me.
It is so nice to see her more active and interested in her world - and the weight is really coming off her. I wish I could lose weight that quickly, especially on a diet that includes graham crackers and animal cookies.