Rescue Journal

A River Runs Through It

Nicole  ·  Nov. 7, 2006

I wasn't able to add a picture to Carol's post, so here they are:

And now the comparison, this is a summer photo, the pond not even at it's driest.
Empty Pond



OMG... we don't need to go to Kendall... have her come to us. man on man it's have a swimming pool !!


lol chris...very funny...i tried to pop by and visit you yesterday but the road was blocked...i tried not to take it personally!

Chris Thomas

Well at least you can have a bath now!!! And do laundry!!

We are now able to get out as well. We did not get flooded but 224 between 132nd and 136th was impassable as the North Alouete went over its banks.

Being new to the 'country' I thought the welcome wagon would come before Search and Rescue!! It was a little disconcerting when she opened with: "This is not a mandatory evacuation."


Thanks Nicole. I tried to get one from the other (east) end of the property to show how the river runs almost the whole length of the lower meadow, but that was when my camera batteries died....not before I had sunk up to me ankles in mud, of course! LOL

Rubber boots are a necessity for anyone planning to take the dogs for a romp down there.