Rescue Journal

saints welcomes maude (i think)

Alison  ·  Nov. 8, 2006

maude is a 14 yr old unspayed siberian cross (very similar in looks to cole but a different color). she was running at large and picked up by the pound. her owner was contacted and she was claimed. a month later she was running loose again (this dog is ACTIVE!) this time her owner refused to claim her and her mate from the pound. maude's friend was adopted recently without her and maude started to deteriorate. she has been in the pound since last august. any interest in her quickly died when her age was revealed (she does NOT look or act 14). so she has become increasingly anxious and increasingly unhappy. she ate the wall of the garage of the last person who found her on the street so i am trying to decide which wall i can afford to lose before i go out next.

she is currently playing cutesy with thomas in the kitchen (remember he JUST got fixed) and pointedly ignoring tyra and lexie because females (esp. assertive ones) are not of any interest to her. i think she is a runner, i know she is a jumper, i know she can eat thru walls and she just about killed us on the freeway coming home by insisting on sitting on my lap and blocking the windshield. i think she is a pain in the butt and i think she is going to be a bigger pain once she settles in here...and don't ask me why, but i really like her. she reminds me what tyra would be like if abandoned at the pound for a very long time, except maude is lighter on her feet than tyra. still she just about removed one of my eyes, several times at the pound while climbing up on my lap to say hello.



Well, if she was whining because she needed to pee, that's good news, right? 'Cause it means she's not another leaker!! Yay!

As for the pizza, I consoled myself by eating the chocolate nut fudge brownies I'd bought for the meeting that was cancelled last night. (Well, not all of them..there's still some left for you).


there is still pizza left and she has stopped whining...she had to pee...ooops.

Jean had pizza anyway??? And I ate SALAD????? I would have come back over there if I'd known!

Welcome Maude. I hope you soon learn to whine less and to talk more (she talks just like Cole!!!!), and please don't destroy any walls because I'm not too good are repairing those and we've already imposed on Nicole's dad to repair the one Isaac destroyed at my place. You can chew wooden gates if you want - those I can fix even if I get confused when I hang them.


Wecome Maude... and just wait till you meet Petunia! I won't give anything away, but you'll have to somehow get and stay in her favour, cuz she has a home with several fancy rooms and is working on gettin' a TV/DVD of her very own. You'll just have to find out the rest for yourself. Oh, and don't give her any of your pizza, cuz its not so good for her figure.

Hope you make good friends quickly there at SAINTS.


the good news is...maude fully appreciates our pizza nights, i bet she is thinking...really, how bad can this place be if it serves pizza and has hunks like thomas hanging around?
i missed pizza at jeans tonight cuz i am stuck home with you-know-who...good thing i have the delivery phone number memorized!