Rescue Journal

petunia helped me clean the barn again today.

Alison  ·  Nov. 10, 2006

she is such quiet and good company as she happily chatters away in a soft and deep rumble. i realized tho that like many humans, toonie doesn't always practice the golden rule.

when i was a kid, i grew up in the states and every morning we stood by our desks in school and said the pledge of alliegence. that is where i learned loyalty. and every other tuesday afternoon we had to get on a bus and go to a local church for religous education. that is where i learned boring. every week we got to color these really boring mimeographed biblical pictures. try making joseph with his coat of many colors exciting with 4 crappy crayons, one of which was black and the other was white. every once in awhile we had to memorize some boring and not all that relevant scripture. except the golden rule...i liked that, it was short, it was sweet and it actually made sense to a child. i am not all too sure it came from the bible or not, but i learned it there anyway.

"do unto others as you would have them do unto you" that is a pretty smart thing to remember.

so toonie-fish continues to poop in every single stall belonging to everyone but herself...her house she keeps pristine clean. she throws a hairy fit if the sheep even dare to peek in her door. and gawd forbid someone tries to relieve themselves within her hallowed gate. toonie needs religious ed so she can learn the golden rule. fair is fair.



I found a foster who after only ten days has come to the conclusion a pig is not for her. Pebbles loves to be outside as in her old home outsdie was the deck. When she arrived at the foster families she flew off the much lower deck and hit the leaves and grass like there would be no tomorrow. No doubt she had looked down from her old patio her first year in life wishing she could get down there.
What we need is a home who will offer the comforts of being an inside pig at night and out to her warm hosue and yard during the day. This is the way my Willy lived his entire life here. Come summer he would some times choose to sleep in his own hsoue as it would of been cooler out here then in the big hosue. I have alwys worked full time so he went out in the morning with me to let out the horse's and then after coffee out there he went into his yard with a bowl of warm oatmeal. After work the ritual was repeated ending inside here with a nice dinner and a cozy blanket to snuggle into. I would cover him up and he would let out a deep sigh and that was a wrap or the preverbial 'pig in a blanket" .


Janice, you still trying to con me into taking that nice little house pig? I thought she had found a home.
Isaac has enough problem with a meek, quiet, shy little border collie. I can't imagine what he'd do if I brought a piggy-with-an-attitude (and what piggy doesn't have attitude?) into the house!!


"the whole barn is HER house, and the other animals are just guests there."

Jean you do udnerstand pigs and i know jsut the pig for you!!


LOL - you are probably right about Petunia's motives!!! Good thing the barn isn't any bigger - she could have a problem staking claim to ten or twenty stalls!

Carol really think alot of that pig!...i adore her too but she is not the least bit altruistic...she is staking her claim and amusing herself watching me shovel shit.

i just finished watching \"the birdcage\" i love that movie...but agador spartacus kind of reminds me of me...sigh, i am just their amusing little house-boy (girl) who can\'t sing.


Toonie, you are such a hoot!!!

Carol, I think she does know the golden rule - it's you who is confused. From her perspective, the whole barn is HER house, and the other animals are just guests there. So when you take away her friends' poop, she gives them back some so they will feel right at home when they return for the night. Such a hospitable hostess, our Toonie!!!


lol...she has an outside area...she purposely waits til i am cleaning to visit each stall and poop once i have it clean.
i thought about building her own house in the back yard...and might still do it for next summer, but....i think she likes the barn. she likes to keep us company while we are in there (and we are in there alot), she likes watching all the activity and comings and goings, she likes wandering around and lounging around in someone elses house while they are all stuck outside and she never has to get wet either. she has really blossomed in that barn, she has the best of all the worlds, except she might like living in the kitchen even better. and if i could get the dog numbers down to where i want them, i just might let her too.

Chris Thomas

I think the pig needs her own house. I am sure she thinks barn-living is beneath her. Is there anyway to give her outside access to do her business?