Rescue Journal

i went out for dinner tonight...

Alison  ·  Nov. 11, 2006

to deb and chris's with jean. they made this absolutely awesome dinner...mmmmm. and OMG they have the best dogs in the world...every bit as good and wonderful as all the saints (except they don't leak as much!) we played this brain game that i sucked time i want to write the questions! i have to say that jean can whistle the itsy bitsy eeny weeny polk-a-dot bikini like a pro! i love their new house, it feels like a real home...and i am intending on moving in as soon as i can suck jean into moving over here!


Chris Thomas

We are so glad you had a good time. We will have to do it again! And, despite Jean's protestations to the contrary, she was an excellent Cranium player and was on the winning team!


I'm a woman of many talents, Carol - Toonie knows that I can whistle, she likes me to whistle songs for her! But next time we play Cranium, I want to be exempt from any questions that require a knowledge of TV or music more recent than 1965!!! There was a distinct age-bias to that game.

As for you moving in with Deb and Chris - if you take Phoebe, Maude, Copper, Pops, Hank and any leaky bed partners with you (for any uninformed readers, we're talking about the dogs and cats that think they should sleep on the bed despite weak bladders!)....well, I could possibly handle it. For about two or three days, max. On second thought, take all the dogs and cats 'cause I know Allie doesn't do multi-cat households, and Isaac isn't going to like living with other dogs. You can leave Petunia, the donkeys and all the other barnyard critters though.