Rescue Journal

dreams are only dreams until they come true.

Alison  ·  Nov. 13, 2006

now that the rabbit room is finally done and they are all so very well settled and happy tonight. you'd think i could just for a few days, give it a rest and enjoy. but now the next project can move up the list and i am trying to decide which of two will take precedence. we need a large storage shed for our hay since the sheep have taken over the storage area in the barn for a stall. and we need another outdoor loafing area to keep them all dry on the rainy days because swingers arrival means they no longer all fit in the one we have. oh quadruple sigh, both are pretty important. i am thinking that maybe we can build a shed on one side of the fence to house the hay with a big overhanging roofed area on the other side of the fence that they can hang out in and keep dry. i just love things that serve more than one purpose!!! this would be a big project way beyond our capabilities that we would have to hire someone to do for us. since we don't have any money for it, i will just get busy and start planning it and wait and see what happens because just like the beginning of the dream of saints and the dream of the now real bunny room, dreams are only dreams until they come true.

i am pretty sure that most people in their right minds must find my constant day dreaming slightly annoying.



jean sent me the posting... janice is working on a possible shed for us but to incorporate the roofed loafing area for the barnyards to stay dry we may just have to build....depends on the cost of moving and other issues involved in obtaining a decent sized shed in good shape that will meet our needs and if a separately built rain shelter is more cost effective.

Chris Thomas

Just a thought - Dog with one eye on Brindle has posted about being able to get sheds and other 'buildings'. He says he will move them as long as the rescue is a legit rescue and has property. Would you like me to talk to him about SAINTS getting one?


you couldn't dream up a few extra stalls so we can have a cow could you?


Whew - intense sigh of relief - for a moment you were going to ask me if I could build you one! :) Waaaay beyond my skills - I'll help you dream though, I'm good at that.

Judy B

I always say "You can't have a dream come true if you don't have a dream", you are definately on the right track. I wish for all your dreams to come true Carol, you certainly deserve it and so do the Saints crew!