Rescue Journal

we are trialing a different treatment for jack and spritely

Alison  ·  Nov. 16, 2006

i spoke with one of the equine vets awhile back regarding them both and he agreed to stop in next time he was out this way, which happened to be late this afternoon. he wants daily massages on spritely's leg with emu oil followed by brief compression bandaging and a final massage with unwrapping (gawd i would be supporting the death of emu's for medical science, i will talk to the pharmacist and see if there is a synthetic alternative) and a new anti-inflammatory for two weeks. and baby jack is on steriods for the next bit as this vet feels that in addition to the scar tissue there is some neurological damage to his lower spine which would explain his increasing weakness.

there was a momentary awkwardness when i opened the door and he said carol? and i said yes.....and he said his name, and i drew a blank and finally said and how can i help you? oh right, you are here to help me! duh! i really got to get me a brain tune up. a very nice, nice man (and way more expensive then the farm vets, yikes!)

it was an interesting day...freddy went home, a new vet, 5 new volunteers (maybe), and i picked my friend's 7 year old daughter up from school today and dragged her around with me from barn to house to grocery store. it has been a long time since i held a small child's hand in mine and fed someone vulnerable dinner (which needed to be somewhat healthy....thank ghoodness for Eva, she made me some homemade soup for work tonight, i doubt she will mind if i properly fed a little girl with some of it!) hope work goes well tonight and i am not over-done, and i bet the rest of the soup will prop me up a bit in the cold wee hours to come. thx Eva!



I will miss the little man, he has a way of creeping into your heart. I hope you keep doing well Freddy, lots of pets and kisses.


I hope your night shift went well and you're able to catch a few hours sleep before the demands of the day crowd in on you.
Will we be able to get updates on Freddy? It has been fun to get to know him and watch his progress - I'd love to know how much of his mobility he eventually regains. Such a happy, courageous little guy!