Rescue Journal

I could use a hand....

Jean  ·  Nov. 17, 2006 cut up and stack all the dead boughs that have come down at SAINTS the last few days. Another tree fell last night, across the path that goes around the pond (which is now a lake). Some of the boughs are too large for me to move by myself and my electric chain saw won't reach down to the lower meadow, so at least some of it will have to be cut by hand.

It looks like a rainy weekend this weekend, but if anyone is planning on coming out this weekend or next, maybe we can make a start on the worst of it. It's important to clear it up before the snow comes so the barnyard critters don't hurt themselves on hidden hazards. And I need help to deal with the one that has fallen across the fence.

If any one has a gas chain saw, that would be a big help. I have a couple of crosscut (manual) saws we can use for stuff too big to get within reach of the electric chain saw.



The worst of the deadfall is done and the fence repaired - thanks Nicole, Mo and....oh shoot I-can't-remember-your-name!. There is one very large broken bough ( a huge segment of tree, actually) hung up on a few little branches way up the top of the dead tree next to the boat. At the next windstorm it will likely fall. Meanwhile, we need to keep an eye on it (Carol jokingly suggested I go up there and get it down - hahahah!) and to make sure the animals are not down there in a windstorm.

That whole tree should be cut down, but that's beyond my skills - it's got quite a large base and is quite tall, but dead as can be. Anyone out there with that kind of expertise and a little time to donate to SAINTS?


I'll be out around 11 & should have some time after doing the barn etc. I'm frantically looking for my gum boots... I'll be in deep water without them.. pun intended : - )


i'm out tomorrow, so i can help and Mo is out aswell. I'll bring my gloves and wellies. not sure what chain saw we have but i will look.