Rescue Journal

does anyone know how to start gas fireplaces?

Alison  ·  Nov. 18, 2006

i have no problem with the one in the cat room but that one in the dog room frustrates the heck out of me, i push in the button on the pilot line and then i push the starter and the pilot lights. as soon as i start letting the pressure off the button to turn it up higher it goes off again. i can't turn it while it is pushed in. i know it isn't broken cuz the fireplace guy was just out here and it was on low til i started goofing with it. (it was cold and i wanted to turn it up and went the wrong way and turned it off instead.) now i have had to close their outside door and they are going to flood it in there!! yikes almighty! help!


Chris Thomas

no, you don't have to fix anything. You may be wanted for a cranium team though!


Or I have a better idea - we can have Carol cook roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for ALL of us at my place on one of her precious days off :).....not to add to her stress level or anything..... (darn I wish I had that devil smiley image to insert here....)


Sounds good to me, Chris!!! But do I have to fix anything in order to be fed?

Chris Thomas

Mmm, we make excellent roast beef and yorkshire pudding here. Perhaps that should be our next meal to have you over for!


LOL - I was just joking (I'm really holding out for that roast beef and yorkshire pudding we talked about!!!). :) :) :)


fine we can order pizza tonight if you like...but i also have chris' cabbage rolls!


The fire is lit. This is what I did (so you know for next time....or so I remember for next time):
1. Push in large knob and turn to pilot. Hold in.
2. Press red knob a few times until pilot lights. Continue to hold red knob in for about ten seconds.
3. STILL HOLDING RED KNOB IN, release large knob and turn to lo-med-high until flame lights up. Once flame is stead, release red knob.

The trick is in the red knob. I think that's where you were going wrong.

I may have set it too high, so please check it as soon as you get home.

Sigh....I've earned my keep for the day. When did you say you were ordering that pizza??? :)


I know the instructions usually say to hold the button in for 10 seconds, but the gas choice on my trailer fridge requires MUCH longer than that before it will stay lit. And then when you do move it from pilot to "on" you have to move it very, very slowly or it blows itself out.
If I'm over there today (silly thing to say....despite my best intentions to do some stuff at home, I invariably end up over there :) !!) I'll see if I can get it started.