Rescue Journal

The first and last Christmas

Alison  ·  Nov. 19, 2006

Once upon a time there was a land in which animals suffered. They suffered from neglect, they suffered from abuse but mostly they suffered from a lack of recognition. In this land, they were things, objects to be aquired, neglected and discarded. In this land they had no rights, they had no consideration and they suffered in silence year after miserable year. One day, a lucky few, found a door to a new world. They came by one's and two's, They came as dogs and cats and rabbits and fowl. They came as horses and llamas and sheep. They came as very large pot belly or very small guinea, pigs. They came from dark and lonely places and they came expecting the same. But they found something different. They found a different kind of place with many, just like them. They found warm beds, and plentiful food, they found some special moments and they found, finally, that they were real. They had purpose and they had value and they now had somewhere that was special, just for them. And one day, they heard the rumour of Christmas, a time of giving, and sharing and really, really good food. They heard that here, Christmas was a day that belonged just to them. For most, it would be their very first Christmas, and for some it would be their very last. But for all of them, waiting for that very special day to come, it promised to be a day just for them.

we promise to make it good.



I feel like I am three years old, wrapped in my warm pj's and blankie, sipping hot chocolate, and just heard the best bedtime story ever.
Thanks Carol.