Rescue Journal

thinking aloud on a full stomach

Alison  ·  Nov. 19, 2006

jean and i ate homemade cabbage rolls (thx chris, mmmm!) and eva just phoned and offered some pot roast so i said i would trade her some cabbage rolls for pot roast for tomorrows dinner. i am such a food scrounge, but i learned it from the best! plus i snuck two cabbage rolls away to go with the pot roast tomorrow too!!! i have aheluvalot of dinners to repay here. i better try to remember how to cook one of these days.

phoebe is so cute, and sandy is so soft, and maudie is so smart and michael is so wickedly evil yet so very, very vulnerable. tally is scrunched up in his too small chair and that little fat beagle broke into the kitchen but he was too late, the food was gone! pause actually ate tonight and he doesn't seem too upset about being stuck in a cage so he can stay there where i can keep a real close eye on how he is doing. cedric is pissed because he was trying to eat the ear off a stuffy and i took it away, i should have given him one of my cabbage rolls but i didn't.

the only sad thing is watching michael. he is slowly doing the downward slide. he is still on his antibiotics and pain meds and he seems happy enough but i don't think he will live to see the spring. the other animals will be happier without him i suppose, but i will miss him and his trolling little ways. i am thinking of writing a story for him, kind of like the grinch who stole xmas. he too was just a big grumpy softy inside.

i think there are a few here who this will be, for them, their very last christmas. we better plan a really good one for them this year just in case.



Moses is a great dog, such a gentleman. Michael, he would be the old man on the corner yelling at people to stay away from the gate, then having moments of softness when one of his grandbabies came to sit with him. Telling them of when he was a boy.
I'm hoping my Panda boy can hold on a little longer. He's such a sweet loving little man child, who holds a very special place in my heart.


Yes, and I expect this will be Isaac's first and last Christmas with me. Mo,I know what you mean about Moses - I get the same reaction from Isaac who is also deaf and now losing his vision, too - but sometimes if the light is right he sees me beckoning him and plods happily toward me almost like a puppy - all loose limbs and floppy paws.
Michael is such a funny grumpy dog....he wants those young active noisy punks outta there, as he plainly told me tonight when he was trying to collect some cuddles and Phoebe was giving him grief. He soooo loves attention - for an old grump, he is a marshmallow inside. The grinch in canine form, for sure.


I have some of the same feelings when out with Moses, he is such a lovely dog & his heart is made of pure gold, he lumbers along,sometimes getting a bit confused about where he is & which way he is heading. Being deaf must be tough sometimes, I love it when i see him from a bit of a distance & wave my arms like a frantic air traffic control person & he " clicks" in & begins to rush towards you in his slightly robotic quick gate. I will be sure to get him something very special for Christmas.