Rescue Journal

Dog meets Boy

Jean  ·  Nov. 20, 2006

I've always suspected Isaac had a kid in his past somewhere, before he came to SAINTS. There was something about the way he kept searching every room the first few nights I fostered him, looking for someone; and the way he loves to butt his head between your knees from behind, as if a child once rode him; and the way he LOVES to have you lie on the floor spooning with him, with your arm around him - as only a kid will usually do.

Today I am convinced. Eva's younger grandson, Brandon, was over at the house and Isaac positively lit up - he ran right up to him and was stuck to him like glue, with a silly big happy smile on his face, tail up, head up, prancing about. Brandon played a game with him creeping around the big old well in my yard, and Isaac got right into the fun - there's the two of them, boy and dog, circling around and around and around after each other.

Tonight he is restless and keeps asking to go outside - I think he is looking for that little boy who brought back such great memories to one wrecked old dog. Isaac says thanks, Brandon.