Rescue Journal

hester is crashing tonight

Alison  ·  Nov. 20, 2006

she needs to be caged to moniter. well that's not going to happen because not only do we not have room for another sick cat in big dog cage, they don't particularly like being stuck in a cage anyway.(altho, pause still doesn't seem to mind.)...sooo...scrap plan A to make the old bunny room into a volunteer, quiet room. it served well for a neuro room when freddy was here so i guess it will serve well for a sick room for the fragile cats. of which there currently are quite a few: pause, panda, jesse, ogidie, and now hester (who right now seems to be the sickest)sooo...if i were to guess some more...i would guess since i don't have a day off til friday and i don't want her to be stuck in cage until then (and frankly, she is so sick, she might not survive anyway, and if she doesn't beat this, her last days will not be spent in a cage), my last guess for the night is i guess i am trucking out into the freaking cold, wet night to dig thru the shed and bring in some stuff to furnish it and make it homey...and my guess would be that i will go and do that now.

have i said recently that rescue sucks.

0125 hrs.

saints new medical unit is fully operational (and now full too) and it was kind of fun doing it. the dogs had a blast digging around in the left over garage sale stuff with me. i briefly lost maude but found her again curled up inside that old straw filled dog house in the garage. michael was a hoot. once i got all the stuff loaded into the entranceway, he followed me load by load down the hall to the room, back to the pile and back with some more. maudie laid on the bottom shelves of the shelving unit, laid on top of the coffee table, now a double bed, she tried to sit in the little green chair but she fell off. all of the cats loose in the kitchen/bedroom area had to come and check everything out too. they were kind of choked when i told them the open house was finished, no more visitors allowed. all the sick guys are moved in and chowing down on medicine ladened food, i even finally got to add the special water soluable mouth cleaner to their one and only water bowl...hah, no choice now guys! hester had a drink and picked her bed, and once i change mine (because she lost control of her bladder on it while she was waiting) i can find my bed too.

never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!



Once again Carol looses her office. Such is life! Sounds like you did have fun though setting it up.
Who ever is there before me please give the children an extra pet and kiss for me.
and a hug for Carol to. :)


To me, having an "infirmary" is a good plan - though the whole of SAINTS is one giant infirmary most of the time! :) When we get the multipurpose building done, we will have a good place for volunteers to meet one-on-one with animals. Meanwhile, there is usually a quiet place on a red couch in either the living room or the room Potato Ed used - we'll find some spot for anyone who wants to sit and cuddle or groom animals to do just that!
I hope Hester and the other ailing ones are doing better this morning.