Rescue Journal

Barney and Janice

Alison  ·  Nov. 21, 2006

Anyone who knows Janice knows how very much she loves pigs. She has taught many of us about the depth of their souls, the shining light of their personalities and the very keen and sharp intelligence that dwells within them. To Janice and those who have had the chance to learn from her, the pigs are people. not humans but little persons with wants and needs and dreams and memories. they carry sadness inside them, and joy and sometimes fear, just like we do.

Barney left Janice last night. I watched both of their pain and torture as they finally together decided that Barney needed to let go and move past this earthly place. Barney was a wonderful pig, i will miss his nose at my knee in the kitchen while i stole Janice's pumpkin scones to feed him. I will miss hearing Janice's laugh when she told a story of Barney's latest adventure. Not many of us are lucky enough to really know the wonder of pigs, Janice and Barney showed us the beauty of them each and every day. Rest in peace Barney and please wrap yourself around your mom's broken heart and help her to feel you there.



Oh Janice, I am so sorry for the loss of one of your precious pigs. Barney was such a special soul, and such a character. The life you gave him was as if he was already in Heaven, and now that he is there, he will wait for you and you will be together again.
hugs to you,


Thank you so much Carol for such an awesome tribute and everyone for your speiciel thoughts and messages for Barney and me. My heart is breaking and you would think there can't be any more tears left , there are. I want the world to stop and mourn with me , but life goes on and as we have all had to do this we simply will adapt to life with out them. All the rituals as we knew them once, forever changed . Yet it is a testimoy to them at how much they were such a huge part of our lives and is the reflection of our love without them spilling out now when they are gone. My deep love for him is affirmed as I miss him so much..I love you Barney


Janice introduced me to pigs a couple years ago, when I first met Casanova. I'd always heard that pigs were just below dolphins or apes on the intelligence chain, however, my first visit to hearts on noses, was a big eye opener for me. The relationship she has with her guys is amazing & seeing them together introduced me to a whole other world. Thank you Janice for all that you have given to the piggies in your care & to me . I am sorry to hear that Barney has left us, and I know your heart is hurting, it is the price you pay for caring so deeply & it is wonderfull that they have you.

I'll light a candle for Barney tonight & hold you in my thoughts.


Janice, I never had the honour of meeting Barney, but through you and Petunia I have learned what amazing, heart-warming, funny bundles of personality piggies are. I can only imagine how it feels to lose one who has been part of your life, who you love with all your heart. Listen for him, Janice, and I know he will tell you he is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, where he is helping himself to pumpkin scones while he plays in the grass and the sunshine. ((((Hugs))))).