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My day at the Spa, by Pippa

Jean  ·  Nov. 22, 2006

(Okay, I had to give her access to post on the blog, so I let her use my password - Jean)

I went to the beauty parlour today and that Samantha cleaned me up really prettily. I have lovely pink bows in my hair, and a warm pink scarf around my neck, and I had a pedicure and a facial, and a hair cut and style, and some hair removal from my face and legs and ummm underarms……I feel like a new doggy!!! A girl needs that kinda treatment every now and then.

And the night before my day at the spa, I got to have a sleep over at Kathy's. I thought maybe I would go home with her but instead Jean met Kathy at Sam's and then took me to SAINTS. I stood up the whole way, right until we got to the bridge, because I just didn't know where I was going! That part was a little bit stressful.

That Samantha from Markeyda's Pet Grooming in Langley is THE BEST - I didn't squeak or fuss at all because she was so nice. Well, maybe I fussed a little when she did the hair removal on my face, but I bet a lot of supermodels squeak at that, too!!!

Anyway, I'm back home now, wrapped in a nice clean coat. That silly Phoebe tried to pull out my pretty pink bows!!!

Kathy took before and after pictures, so maybe Nicole can post them here.

Love, Pippa.



Oh my , I've seen the pictures, is that Pippa ? What a great job Sam did, she looks beautiful.