Rescue Journal

balance, jean? more like a juggling routine.

Alison  ·  Nov. 24, 2006

and thank heavans for jean and eva and nicole today. nicole gave the dogs some attention that they really needed cuz i am just too "everywhere/all over the place" today. eva helped with the house and the bunnies and gracies vet she'd let that rabbit out of her sight, and jean saved the day all day, as i got further and further buried by yet another thing.

new incoming: 2 senior cats from the cariboo. the owner went into care and the cats need a place to land. they arrive on sunday.

2 senior dogs coming in a few minutes, a 13 yr old basset and a 15 yr old blind, arthritic lab. they had no where else to go too. i had to turn away the third dog, a 7 yr old shepx. too full, and it is young enough to find a home from the spca. i feel guilty tho taking the 2 old guys and not the younger one.

gracie (our miracle rabbit) is not well and needed a last minute trip to the vet. we will try some heavy antibiotic therapy over the weekend and keep our fingers crossed.

hester, i still can't decide on so i cancelled her appointment for today. we will see about tomorrow.

oops, new dogs are here, gotta go.



Carol how are Hester and Gracie today?
Fingers crossed up here.
Hey Michelle. :-)


Thanks again Carol for taking on those 2 senior cats. I appreciate it very much, as I am not able to help them at this time. I know you guys are very full and things are overwhelming at times....but you always put those needy animals first! Wishing you guys luck with Hester. She is adorable and it is terribly sad to know she isn't well right now :(


I hope Hester does okay tonight, I'll be sending her some love. And Gracie I hope you have one more mircle left!! Sounds like your newcomers will fit right in Carol. As soon as you have a chance to sit and take a breathe I'd love to hear more about them!!