Rescue Journal

i am probably going to regret writing this,

Alison  ·  Nov. 24, 2006

but then, what else is new and i am going to write it anyway and regret it later.

what happens for us at saints is what happens for us at saints. it is not about the rest of the world and what happens for them. they have their own stories and their own realities. and we have ours. ours are not better, or worse or more or less valid because they happen here. but they are ours, and we choose to view them the way that we want to. and we choose to share them because we want to do that too. everyone has choices. i choose to be thankful and grateful and value what we have here. it is what i live and so it is what i know. if i knew or lived something else, i might be grateful for that too.

life is not a competition,l it is about living the best life that you can. what other people do or don't do is not the issue, it is what we do, ourselves, that counts.

(ok so i lied, that wasn't my last post for the night, this one is)



That wasn't your last post for the night, that was your first post for Friday morning! :)