Rescue Journal

the brownie pan...

Alison  ·  Nov. 24, 2006

so chris sends me food to eat and deb sends me treats. and every time one of their pans shows up here i am freaking out to keep it safe and get it back to them unharmed. it took several months to return the cheese cake pans cuz they lived so far away. but i got the ceramic plates back to them in good time cuz now they live so close and deb was visiting here anyway. the last two i had to return were the lasagna and brownie pans. i had the lasagna pan already to go but i couldn't find the brownie container anywhere. so i asked chris...what's it look like? she said it was a queisanart (?) pan so i started looking around for something fancy that had a label. couldn't find it anywhere. so i asked you know where the quiesanart (?) brownie pan is...she knows everything. so she says "yes" and hands me a tupperware container. so i ask chris "does it look like a tupperware container?" she says "no, it looks like a queisanart pan." anyway, i finally found the little sucker and happily returned it and felt a huge weight of responsibility fall off my chest. the next day i popped over to drop off a dog bed and lo and behold they hand me another full quiesanartful pan of brownies. i told them i couldn't handle the pressure. deb asked if i thought they would stop talking to me if i lost their pan?

no....but they may stop feeding me.



And if they stop feeding Carol, they stop feeding me cuz I am always over there mooching the good stuff like lasagna and brownies! So Carol you darn well better keep that Quisinart brownie pan safe. Or give it to me as soon as the brownies are gone (well....or even while there's still one or two left :)) and I will safeguard it.

Now, Carol, about that deep cookie sheet I left over there when Freddy was with us....

Chris Thomas

I tried that but Deb said no, she was confident that Carol could handle the Cuisinart pan - which, incidentally, is just a heavier version of your average metal oblong pan! We hope you enjoyed the brownies Carol! Don't forget to bring your containers back so we can refill them for you!


LOL Sounds like it would be much less stressful if you were to receive your brownies on paper plates or wrapped in tin foil!