Rescue Journal

A battle of wills.

Alison  ·  Nov. 25, 2006

radar and i are in the midst of a power struggle. i am trying to be respectful and kind, and he is not. i am pretty sure he is using the "F" off words rather liberally. i have managed to get his front end onto the new carpet but it wasn't easy. lot's of shortbread cookies, a broom handle, a folded mat, and a determination almost as great as his and we are almost half way to my winning. i used the cookies to distact him, and the broom handle to gently push the folded mat under the front part of his body...he is pretty quick, he almost got me a couple of times. other than me periodically tormenting him, i can't say he really is all that upset. he quite likes the free flowing food and he lets me stroke his head as long as i am not trying to get him into a better position. i am somewhat stymied with figuring out how to get his back end on there tho. the drugs have had a chance to kick in, and i am sure he feels a heck of alot better but the problem with chronic severe pain is...he doesn't really believe it is lessened. as far as he is concerned, that back end is to be protected at all times, and if it doesn't hurt at this exact second, it darn well might hurt again if he lets anyone near it. i am not too hopeful about the ultimate outcome of all of this. but i suppose all we can do is give it the very best chance that we can to work. i am not sure what radar wants, well actually i am...he wants to lay in the middle of the kitchen undisturbed and eat cookies and pizza and anything else that tastes remotely interesting that happens to be hanging around. radar is a dog left too long without medication and then left too long again without release. this is probably going to suck for both of us.



Ah but Carol, the cats will not always be in the ghetto that you call a bathroom. We will think positive thoughts for their very quick assimilation into mainstream SAINTS life.
And one day, we will get that bathroom redone. Just quit coming up with new projects for a bit and the bathroom project will rise to the top! :)
Glad to hear Radar is on the mat. Hopefully the roads will be clear enough and the snow will stop long enough for Nicole to get out here and try some T-Touch on him.


ok, he is 100% on the mats, he is 50% on a soft bed (upper half)...the cats room is set up and i am done, i gotta get up for work at 5. hope tomorrow brings some good stuff, like a not so cranky radar and a couple of cats who like to eat when they are stressed and end up in a bathroom.


not a hope in hell...but i can stick a mr. christies peanut butter pirate cookie on the floor and cringe as i watch him stretch to have it, millimeter by millimeter, he is closer to where i need him to be....3/4\'s of the way there. we are both taking a rest right now. i should clarify for everyone too...i am not just waiting because i really want him to feel better and maybe be able to get up comfortably again (which is exactly what i do want)...i am also waiting, because at this point, i can't get him to the vet to end this now even tho there is a chance with good pain control he can have a bit more time to eat me out of house and home. if i can't move him onto a mat without being seriously bitten and causing him a great deal of fear or pain, i can't get him into my van to take him to the vet either. hence the narcotics, he may be pathetically crippled but with the drugs and the cookies, he is relatively happy. the vet will come here at noon on monday if all else fails. rescue isn't always easy for the humans, but we do always make it as easy on the animals as we possibly can.

oh and speaking of not always easy...jean?...i decided to set those 2 new cats tomorrow up in the bathroom. better tripping over 2 cats in that tiny little space then tripping over 2 cats in a four foot cage in my not much bigger bedroom. so if they get here before me at lunch time, please put them in there instead. they will have a bit more freedom in there while they settle in anyway.

i need a bigger bathroom and preferably one whose tub wall doesn\'t cave in when i am trying to clean the bathtub. this really bugs me, my bathroom is a ghetto, and now it will be a ghetto with cats.


Radar - chill! It's gonna be alright, buddy.

Carol, is there any chance you can slide the Bottom's Up Leash under him, so at least you can lift his hind quarters from a safe distance?


Carol that breaks my heart. He is so scared it's going to hurt he won't move. Well hopefully he becomes a little less aggressive about it, although with Christmas coming the shortbread supply shouldn't run low. I'm glad he landed with you because if anyone can help him you can!