Rescue Journal

i have just come to some conclusions tonight

Alison  ·  Nov. 26, 2006

1, lexie is a wienie and a nag. she bitched non stop on our evening slug thru the snow...its wet, its cold, this is hard, i need a rest, slow down! (she sounds just like me)

2. maude was born to live in the wild of the yukon, she ran and ran and ran and ran some more. she put more miles on than the rest of us all put together! she stayed in the fence line and she came in with everyone else. she is also a sheep chaser so maude can't be out when the barnyards are out so i put them to bed first.

3. moses hasn't a clue about anything anymore but he is willing to go along with anything anyway.

4. bill just loves being a lab, he has had 17 years of it and he wants 17 more. gosh he loves our runs.

5.cole thinks deep snow is the very best thing in the world.

6.tyra thinks anything is the best thing in the world.

7.tally can only handle so much fun and then he needs a nap.

8. i will NOT be euthanizing gracie this week. it looks like she is now permanently paralyzed in her back end and it hurts me to see her poopy butt dragging around behind her...but...any rabbit who can chase me around and just about kill me to get her freaking carrot and apple slices, isn't ready to go anywhere despite how much it bothers me.

radar i am not even thinking about tonight, i am a bit pissed with him since i just about lost my face giving him a bowl of water. and i happen to know that he is feeling better too so he can damn well knock it off.



Awww poor kitties. It sucks that they lost their home. I hope for both your sake, and theirs that they come around quickly and learn to adjust. Not an easy task for a 15 year old cat....


i wouldn't be too glad they are indoors least not here. these are a pair of shy, solitary cats, used to 15 years of quiet privacy and outdoor freedom. they liked their nice old lady and no one else all that much. they are totally freaked out here and freaked out old cats are dangerous to my wellbeing...they could well crash and burn....they just better eat cuz i can wait them out as long as they eat. once i get them out from under the bed and figure out who is who (almost identical DSH blacks) i will formally introduce endora and sam, so far i haven't met them myself yet. i should have stuck them in a cage!


So the day was even busier than you described! LOL I'm surprised they still drive them there, but am glad that they are not outdoors anymore! It's FREEZING right now!


The cats arrived - I forgot to include them in my story (above) - Carol tried to let them take up residence in the bathroom, but one of them had other ideas and staked out a space under Carol's bed. Maude, who considers the bed her private domain, was not impressed, especially when Carol shut the door to keep her out.
The people who brought the cat said the only really bad part was coming up the hill in Mission. However, I expect they had more trouble on the return trip - white out conditions from Abbotsford to Chilliwack started just about the time they left. I hope they made it home safely.


Hey, did those 2 black senior cats arrive today as planned? I can't imagine anyone wanting to do the drive from the interior to there, as we had a HUGE dump of snow overnight. It's scary enough just driving to the grocery store, let alone hopping onto the highway for 4 hours of driving (on a good day!)...


jean, can you send me the invite again or something as i could view it once then it kicked me out and said there was an error and it's a private album and that you have to invite me.


And one other conclusion: five hours in the snow at SAINTS leaves Jean exhausted! But pleasantly so. A warm bath, some hot chili, and a little nap and it feels like it was a worthwhile and wonderful day.

I've sent the pics to Nicole (and a few others) - hopefully she'll post the best of them here shortly. It's hard to take good pics when it's snowing like crazy, the camera is getting wet, my hands are freezing, and the dogs won't hold still!