Rescue Journal

nicole, don't come today!!!

Alison  ·  Nov. 26, 2006

too much snow up here and you are too far away for this weather. too bad you can't get some pictures of how very beautiful it is here this morning (WOW) but safety first. ttouch honey instead, radar will be fine...we will just stuff more cookies into him, it is probably in his demented little cookie monster mind, just as effective.

jean, i am leaving the barn animals in for now...i will head into work, see everyone as quick as i can, and then call it a day before i get snowed out. i bet getting back up the hills is going to be tricky...good thing i have about 400 pounds of dog food in the back end of the van that i haven't unloaded yet!



it was beautiful but we have since deteriorated into it sucks. i am going to go kill myself in a snow bank. see ya.


and so we had planned to come out today but taking one look out the window, I think we're going to take a very long walk with our dogs instead and then snuggle on the couch with blankies and furries.

I bet it's gorgeous out at SAINTS though!!


Well, you need new gloves and I need a snowshovel and winter boots cuz I just realized I don't have either.
And then there's the "gawd I wish I hadn't done that" category: For three years my daughter and I lived in the Northwest Territories. Most of the time, we had to rely on someone with a bobcat to dig us out when it snowed, but I bought a small snowblower for the small dumps of snow since I had a driveway a bit too long to do by hand. It worked like a charm. I moved back down here in 1986, bringing it with me, but never used it since (a) we didn't get that much snow where I was living and (b) there was a man in the house who didn't mind shovelling. So last summer I sold the thing, still in perfect working order, at a garage sale.

And now I look at my very long driveway, with a foot of snow, and think "cr*p I wish I hadn't sold that thing!!!!!". [goes off to bang head against wall]


well i might stop being so grouchy if the animals didn't do annoying things like chew off the index finger of my very nice, soft gloves on a day that i really needed them! my finger got freaking cold cleaning off the van this morning!
ok, i guess i can go see people now, they better be got of bed!


I'll get pics of the new guys (Norton and Radar and the two cats coming in today)AND lots of pics of the snowy SAINTS.
I just took Isaac and Charley for a walk in my back pasture - the snow is about a foot deep and still coming down. Carol phoned from down in town and they only have about 2 inches there, and the roads are pretty much clear.
Reminds me of one of my favourite childhood stories about an old man whose garden was always in winter because he was so grouchy and mean. One day some children came over the wall and played in his yard and made him laugh and all the snow melted and the blossoms popped out on the trees and spring arrived. You'd think with all the laughter the animals at SAINTS bring us, it would be perpetual spring up here and the valley would be deep in snow. Carol, ya gotta stop being so grouchy and mean!!! Or maybe it is Michael, Mr. Grump Himself, who causes us to have so much more "winter" up here. He does remind me of the old man in the story - grumpy on the outside but a marshmallow inside.


jean, can you make sure to take some pics of the new guys?
When i let honey out to pee, she walks 10 steps and then lies down, if I hadn't brought her back in she would have become a snowman/dog.
carol, i'm guessing they will close that crazy steep hill and you will have to go up Cedar.


good idea on baby jack! ok, i am going now, hope the roads aren't too bad cuz i don't have 4 wheel drive.


I have four wheel drive so will head over there later to take pictures, and can let the barn critters out if the weather looks stable enough. Maybe keep Baby Jack in? Trudging through all that snow would be very hard on her back end I think.

It is beautiful up here - Charley thinks some great goddess has coated the world with icecream just for her. Isaac, however, is not so impressed!