Rescue Journal

here is my lesson for today...don't be lazy and waste a perfectly good nights sleep.

Alison  ·  Nov. 30, 2006

i was cold at midnight and the satelite is not working (i actually am sure it is but i can't get it to bring in a signal because i am technologically challenged) so...i pop on a movie (Wooly Boys, it is about sick but tough old men, sheep, a horse and a fractured teenager, my kind of movie) in the warmer cat room, i wrap up with a fleece and 2 icky but quite warm chi's and promptly fall asleep. i don't know if anyone knows this, but short red leather ikea couches are great for leaking animal sanctuaries, but they suck to sleep on. i woke up several times in utter painful agony and could not get my lazy butt up to go to bed. i finally in desperation moved at 5 am, but i was too tired and sore to go any further than the top of my bed. so there i lay with a fleece covering with my jeans and heavy sweater that i was too lazy to change out of, telling myself for gawds sake carol, get into bed properly....NO, i can't, waaa...i woke up at 8 am and i felt really icky and it is too cold to have a bath to feel better and now i am going to feel like crap for the rest of the day. and that is what i get for being a whining, wimpy, lazy sod.

sometimes i am my own worst enemy. the chi's were happy tho.



LOL i do that at least twice a week and there is no alarm in here so i keep waking up all night wodnering what time it is so I am not late for work. You don't get a sleep at all and yet i still do it .