Rescue Journal

SAINTS welcomes Finnigan

Alison  ·  Dec. 1, 2006

Begin Again Finnigan is here....stressed, frightened, overwhelmed, leaking urine everywhere he goes, he has had a bad hair shave and his skin is bad and he has some funky lumps and bumps. We shall see how things go for him here.

Spritely's leg is horrid today and that moron Swinger since he can no longer escape from his stall with the swinger proof clasp, decided to set Gideon free last night and can we just say...gosh Gideon for a thrity year old pony, you sure can make one helluva mess.

moses is back from the vet, we are to continue on with the antibiotics and pain meds i started him on and see how he is in a week.



No problem - I'll head over about 8:30 or 9 to let them out and move the hay etc. before Finnigan leaves. I have a list to remind me about the brownies and the tree and Finnie's collar and meds --If I don't write it down, I don't remember. Now I just have to remember to take the list. And to check it. My memory sucks!


no one has touched them yet, grab yours when you see finnigan off....oh, and i am leaving the barn guys in til you get here...icky out this morning. everyone is fed, everyone out, except baby jack and tunie, toss that half bale out for them and they should go quietly.
thanks jean. (remember to switch finny's collar so he can't slip it)


Oh, oh, oh, one of those bags of liver brownies literally has my name on it (well, for Isaac not for me) - Nicole told me they were there and I forgot to pick them up!!! Duh!

(Sigh.....I hope it's not too late....I know what piggies those little dogs can be when the liver brownies come out!).


good thing you told me before i got hungry and went looking for something to eat...those things taste gross, blech! and pee-uyie!


he is a beautiful dog, even without his beautiful coat. he has big bat ears like georgie had and a great face. if only he didn't want to eat cats, i would have taken him home yesterday.
carol, i forgot to mention that there are liver brownies in the freezer, thaw them a little (or don't), but keep them in the fridge. there are ones cut small for the little dogs. Finnigan enjoyed them, got his thin tail wagging.


i don't think finnigan is very old, he is just in terrible shape. he should fill out and look a heck of alot better with some good medical follow up,time and proper care. we had him out with us for the morning field run, sigh, i truly wish he could stay. he's a really nice dog and great with all the other dogs and people too.
anyway, he is going into boarding tomorrow while his rescuers figure out a proper place for him. take care buddy and don't be afraid anymore, i think you are in good hands.


I'm really glad that this part of his personality was discovered before disaster struck. Hopefully they will find a cat free environment for Finnigan to rest for the last part of his journey.


i spoke with his rescuers, they are scrambling to find him a different place. finnigan is a really nice dog who has had a life of less than nothing, i do not want to set him up for failure here. not only is that not fair to the cats in our care, it is truly unfair to finnigan. he needs to begin again somewhere that is safe for him to start anew. and that is the downside to communal multi-species rescue, we are wrong for him.


How sad for poor Finnigan - now that he is over being terrified, he has quite the personality. I hope the original rescue is able to find a safe home for him immediately. That poor dog looks like he has been through so much. Sending positive vibes your way, Finnie - you need a safe place to land.

That said, his interest in the cats was definitely intense and for the first time I saw Lola being nervous and keeping her distance. In fact, I think he might have scared the cr*p out of her before we confined him - she was quite scared of him and not her usual friendly, bubbly, curious little self at all today - hiding on top of the fridge and even when I held her she was stiff and quiet and had her ears flattened every time Finnigan moved or barked.


This is such a wonderful thing diane, i can't thank you boggles my mind how much more difficult the snow makes everything up here. thx again and bless you.

on a sadder note...finnigan can't stay here. yesterday he was a nice frightened dog, hiding his face in a corner. today, while i was at work, jean, nicole, julie and eva noticed he is much too focused on the cats so they confined him til i got home.
i tested him tonight and i am sorry to say that there are only two ways to fail at SAINTS, serious cat or serious dog issues, we just cannot take the risk. finnigan is too determined to co-habitate here safely. one door left unlatched, one curious cat darting into the dog area, one frodo who owns the world hopping over the fence into thier yard...been there, done that, it is devastating.
i have left a message for the original rescue group that they will need to find somewhere else for him, he cannot stay here.


What a wonderful gift Diane, and useful too. I'm sure Carol will think of each and every time she uses it this Winter!!!!!


May you enjoy all the blessings of the season, Diane. You don't know how much your gift will be appreciated. That's one less headache for Carol and her regular volunteers. Cheers!


Diane!!!! Carol is working a 12 hour shift at the hospice today so hasn't seen the blog, but I just talked to her on the phone. Her response was WOW!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Consider yourself hugged by every volunteer and every critter at SAINTS. And Pippa sends you lots of squeaky little kisses.


Sorry, this is not related to your blog today but I wanted to let you know I have chosen a Christmas Present for S.A.I.N.T.S today. A snowblower will be arriving at SEARS APPLIANCE STORE in Mission, B.C. on December 12th. MERRY CHRISTMAS Carol and all SAINTS animals. I am so glad to hear that Pippa has found a new family and home. (A little jealous too! :( ) Give her a big hug for me and tell her I wish her the best.


copper started licking moses today, he only licks cancer dogs...copper has not licked moses in the entire year and a half that they have been together. why start today? it makes me worry.