Rescue Journal

Hop free, Gracie, in fields of veggies

Jean  ·  Dec. 4, 2006

Gracie passed away today, cuddled safely in Eva's arms. This morning she told us it was time as her little body had given out and there was evidence of another stroke. Eva asked me to call Carol, who met us at the vet's where Gracie quietly and calmly left this earthly world.

Gracie was a bunny with spunk - lots of spunk! Eva and I talked about her in the car coming home, how she had attitude, chutzpah, courage and tenacity. She never let her weakened condition slow her down from the time she was rescued as a severely malnourished backyard bunny, to her amazing ability to scamper around without the use of her hind legs after her first stroke. Her resilience is a model for us all.

She loved her fresh apple slices and carrots and even this morning, as Eva cuddled her while we made the call to Carol, she munched away on parsley and carrots. Eva swears she was even eating in her sleep!

Hop free, Gracie - find that spot in the meadow where there are never ending carrots and apple slices, and bunnies to play with, and warm grass to munch on. You will be missed very much.

Hugs, Eva, this was a terribly difficult day for you.



oh gracie, i'm glad you got to have saints as your final home instead of the other choices life presented you. Eva, thank you for all you do for those buns.


Heartfelt sympathy to everyone who is mourning the loss of Gracie. Society in general may regard rabbits as throwaway pets, easily obtained, easily discarded, but rabbits lucky enough to land at SAINTS know love, respect and kindness. Gracie left us knowing she was valued. May she find peace in fields of sweet clover.


Gracie was full of grace the entire time she spent at SAINTS, she was special & she was loved.. hugs to you Eva, I know she meant a lot to you & I know you meant a lot to her .