Rescue Journal

the yin and the yang of rescue

Alison  ·  Dec. 4, 2006

today we lost gracie, and i watched eva's heart break in two. what can you say to a woman who loves those rabbits with all of her heart, and gracie the very most of all? gracie died in the arms that she knew loved her thru and thru. what a gift for a sweet little bunny whose entire life used to be worth so little.

pippa's new mom took her to visit her old mom in the facility where she now lives. johanna placed pippa on the bed and pippa kissed that beloved face over and over. johanna gave a special gift to both pippa and the woman who loved her so deeply. they are going back to visit again tomorrow. i could not have possibly asked for a better ending for the story of our little saint pippa, joy for that sweet little phyllis dillar dog, and joy for her mom's old and new. maybe pippa came here so johanna could find her.



Oh wow, Carol! **Sob** Pippa has come full circle. :o)Thank God you were able to act as a way station until the Phyllis Diller dog could make her way back to the woman she loves.
Finally a peak to even out some of the many valleys you have been faced with recently.You and Johanna have given Pippa and her first mom such a loving gift. What a wonderful Rescue story!