Rescue Journal

such sadness tonight. is it sad all over the world?

Alison  ·  Dec. 5, 2006

some good friends just brought their beloved senior little dog here. she just suddenly died in their arms tonight. they didn't know where else to take her, so they brought her to saints. she looks just like a healthy Buddy and i thought of him as i wrapped her still warm body. tomorrow i will take her to the vet for them for cremation. rest in peace little one, your mom and dad loved you.



it tells volumes that in their time of pain, the place they came to was SAINTS. There is this feeling of 'all will be ok' at SAINTS that I've never felt anywhere else.When you walk through that gate,the incredible amount of love and positive acceptance is all around you and just lifts you up and you can't help but feel that no matter what, all will be just fine.Since I've discovered SAINTS, it makes perfect sense to me that they would bring their beloved dog to you.That's as close to Heaven as they can get before they can go themselves.


lol...i was just going to say that they were all sleeping and not all that funny while they snoozed til i opened the video....i suppose it might be more effective with sound but i can well imagine the sound of their chorus. goofs.


It's the Canine Choral Society!!
Great video, Nicole. You should have been there tonight, Michael was being Super-Troll.


I was feeling like crap tonight aswell as i am missing ozzie incredibly and want her here to cheer me up.
But then i remembered i took video at saints on saturday, i looked at it and it made me laugh.
carol, you had asked me to get video of michael being a troll, but he wouldn't produce, look what i got instead:
Copy that into your web address, hit enter then choose to save it to your desktop, let it download then open it.


Condolences to your friends, Carol. How sad for them to lose their loved pet, but how comforting that it died in their arms and that they cared so much that they brought it to you.

while your question was no doubt rhetorical, I'm going to risk being seen as insensitive and answer it. No, it is not sad all over the world, because in thousands of homes dogs and cats and rabbits and piggies and donkeys (well, maybe not donkeys IN homes!) are making people laugh. And I'm betting that if you look around that very crowded house of yours, you'll find at least ten or twenty or thirty critters being their funny little selves and more than ready to bring a smile to your face and make you laugh. And isn't it amazing that at the same time we can cry over the plight of Baby Jack or Spritely or a friend's loved dog, we can simultaneously laugh out loud at the antics of Phoebe or Maude or Michael or Norton or Lola or Jenny and Winston?