Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Dec. 6, 2006

the vet came...not good. he said the damage to her leg structures from the chronic edema and infection is apparent. he said spritely is palliative now, pain control and quality of life are the only goals. he said that if we can get her pain under control and get her walking by saturday, we can maintain her on the quatrosol until she flares up again. the quatrosol will cost $10 a day for her indefinitely. but either saturday or with the next flare up, that is it, spritely can't take any more. so we shall see what saturday brings for us, a little more time or not. at least she is eating again.



thx deb, how lucky am i to have loved so many...write their names for me and i remember and am grateful. cheddar the chicken in the fridge freak, gosh he loved that, jacob on my shoulder, shamus with that perpetaul smile, beanie with the longest tongue trying to eat a dinasaur sized bone, and little miss poop alot poking me in the face til i said ouch and saving all of her love for me. and pick me up peter, i always said no but i always picked him up while i said it....all of them, every one special, i should quit whining, they still fill me up full.


My thoughts are with you, Carol. Spritely and Baby Jack will be given everything they need, and when there is no more time, they will leave with dignity and peace. You will suffer a world of hurt, though, and that breaks my heart, because there is nothing anyone can say or do to soften the blows.
Under your Superhero suit of armour is flesh and blood. I'm sorry you are being pounded this way, but on behalf of Spritely and Baby Jack,who have known nothing but love and kindness since coming to SAINTS, thank you.
Gracie, Hester, Radar, Oz, Honey-Cat, Saul, Peter, Daisy, Phil, Francis, Mae, Chloe,Hope, Glory, Pouff, Wee Hopeful Bug, Jacob, Cheddar, Shamus and Beanie also send their love and thanks. You changed their worlds.


her leg was too big for it, it constricted her circulation. i will come by for the remedies tho and thx.


My prayers tonight will be for Spritely, it makes me feel so sad to think about the barn without her , I don't want her to suffer, but I don't want to say good-bye . Baby jack has been on my mind all day as well...


Did you try the bootie Carol? Cutting it up and ??

Also come and pick up the remedies i have for Rose, Rose with out a hip!!!