Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Dec. 7, 2006

baby jack, no change, still weak and can't stand up on his own. i got him up this afternoon and he followed me into tunies stall to get an apple. tunie threw a fit and he fell down again. i told her to be nice, he is sick, she told me to buzz off.

spritely is eating but still can't walk. her pain is still an issue.

jack had a drink and a pee and went back to sleep. tang and mango are curled up around her.

hoping for a better tomorrow.



Give her some molasses.. your feed would have it added and so does our hay and alfalfa but mollassas and alfalfa are natural for selenium. It needs vite e to work so can you give sheep vit e.. why not give her a cap squished in the molasss. You can buy molasses at the grocery stores


I would in this case and can use them on both of them. Three pills.. four times and every four hours maximum of four times. If you think this is really severe do it every two hours. If you can do this you will see the resuslts faster. Sometimes within fifteen minutes.

best way is to powder them between two spoons and then the the rememdy hits more of the mouth and is not jsut swallowed .

I will leave on top of my hay in the carport ..yes i ahve the same problem here.. my carport the barn. Just don't let me start puttign aniamls in there.


and apparently the lower mainland is a selenium depleted area. i called the past president of the sheep herders association tonight and the first thing she said was selenium. oh i hope this is the answer!


look up selenium deficiencies in sheep on the internet, baby jack has the symptoms (it mostly talks about lambs cuz sheep are sent to market before they reach baby jacks ripe old age of three)i am calling the vet tomorrow and asking them to come and give him an injection. it is worth a shot.


i will be in town so if you can leave it somewhere for me i can pick it up...same deal...4 every couple of hours?


Do wnat me to leave out some stuff for you tommorrow here? Is any one coming by here tomorrow ??


Carol what remedies do you have at home? Do you have Nux ?

Nux treats so many symtoms and have used it countless times on Erma who you know is a basket case of problems. But she was un able to get up for three days ..some thing not right in the hind end. This rememdy treats lower extremeites, legs, back, muscle, pain, paralisis, toxins , infection, its jsut a fantastic rememdy no way could i list all the things it can help. I would try it on your woolie..


Thanks for the updates, Carol. These SAINTS are so much in my thoughts and prayers.

Toonie!! You be nice to Baby Jack. You are a good pig, a funny pig, live up to your reputation! Besides, you poop in Baby Jack's stall so why shouldn't he come into your stall for a treat??? I'm gonna have to have a little talk with you. Or maybe we'll have to bring Janice out for a chat.