Rescue Journal

jack is still with us

Alison  ·  Dec. 8, 2006

she is awake this morning. i just turned her and she gave a weak little stretch and a tiny little snuggle deeper into her bed. she didn't want a drink. everything about her says peace and comfort. i don't want to interfer, she seems content, she is not painful when i reposition her, she is completely relaxed and mango has been her constant companion. he is still wrapped around her purring away. i have an appointment for tally at lunch time and if jack needs it, i can switch and take her instead but i get the feeling she is doing something while she is laying there doing nothing. she is normally such a drama queen and yet there is no drama about her with this. there is just a quietness and waiting and i am not sure what to do. leave it to jack to confuse me and make me unsure. i am supposed to help them to pass gently, it is hard figuring out what to do when she doesn't need me for that. ahhh jack, maybe there is some quiet drama in you yet cuz you are digging yourself even deeper inside me and i didn't think there was much deeper for you to go. i love you.


Chris Thomas

Maybe Jack does not feel the need to go right now. She is warm and comfortable and has you and Mango with her. Enjoy this time with her. She will let you know when the time is right.


She sounds like a little soul at peace with herself, her world and her decision. I will slip over there mid afternoon to check on her and can stay with her until you get home tonight if you would like to know someone is there for her.

Bless Mango for keeping her company while she waits for her time to come.