Rescue Journal


Alison  ·  Dec. 8, 2006

little jack is still with us, she decided to wake up, give herself a good shake and eat lunch with eva. maybe she has narcolepsy? so jack are you dying or not, enquiring minds want to know! (or at least i do.)

baby jack got his selenium injection, the vet doesn't think that is the problem but he was willing to give it a try. he will come back on monday and do some blood work on baby to look for some other weird stuff. colleen said to hold off on the xray, which will be stressful until we see if the selenium works.

the vet came to see spritely, she is moving marginally better, but not better enough he said. he said we are fooling ourselves to think that we can get her back to where she was. he said i can still cancel the appointment at the very last minute tomorrow if we have a miracle.

when i came home tonight, the donkeys, sheep and carl were all waiting to come in. i put them all away and called the horses, none of them came. i went out into the darkend field and gideon and swinger were each flanking spritely, standing side to side. they did not move from their posts til i slowly led her into the barn. i asked the vet's assistant today about how to handle the other horses if spritely goes. she said to take them for a long walk (not going to happen because i will be with spritely), or leave them shut in the barn so they cannot see. it will upset them. i have been thinking about this today. they will be upset if spritely suddenly disappears. they will be upset, if they see her dead body. but they love her and she loves them and they have a right to grieve and mourn and say good bye, even if it hurts. when a wild horse dies in their herd, the others all know, they can see. anyway, that is what i think, what do you guys think?



So sorry to read this Carol. My thoughts... we always let our other cats see if one of their number had passed or been pts. I wouldn't let the other horses see the process as if it did panic them it could be dangerous for you and the helper, but I would let them come say their goodbyes. Thats if you keep the appointment and dont decide to give him a little longer in hopes of further improvement. After all, there has been some! Pleased that Jack woke up!
Hugs to you all.


I think put the others in the barn or a least behind the gates . I've witnessed horses losing one of their own & I think they need to know . We can talk it over in the morning. The vet told Carol he would arrange transport of her after. It will be a sad day.

I pray Baby Jack gets better


P.S. I had left you out two vet books today.. both excellant one totally on Equine and the other Merck but you can axcess Merck on line. Here is the link.

I also have some good homeopathy books on all speices.

Are you in Maple Ridge tonight?


We have always let them come up to see that there freind has crossed.

This is such a sad topic but have you arranged for his burial or his removal.

I am so sorry that we are all even talking about this. This horse has tried so very hard for all of you. The fact that he lays down at all surprises me as horses in a weakened state would not do this unless they knew they would be able to rise in flight. They are a prey speices so this is the last thing a sick horse would do. Not to confuse the fact my horses lay down every night. We as horses lovers have always comforted each other with our seniors that we would know when it was time as it would be a day that they layed down and would not be able get up. A senior horse laying down at that time would only do so knowing his chances of getting up are over.

Have you explored homeopathy ?


Hmm..on re-reading your post, I realized Spritely would be helped to pass outside the barn, so modify my suggestion - the others could be in the barn but with the shutters open and with Nicole and Mo (or whoever is there and known to the horses) with them to settle them. Then let them out after Spritely is gone and walk them near the spot where Spritely passed.


Oh cr*p, that is a hard call to make - on the one hand, I have seen the dogs give the "canine salute" when one of their own passes and I understand the need for the horses to know that one of their herd has passed over. On the other hand, I wonder if actually being present when Spritely is helped to pass will create fear for them.
With the dogs, they are kept separate but in nearby rooms, sometimes with the ability to watch. I wonder if the wisest choice would be to have Gideon and Swinger outside the barn, but with the barn shutters open and with familiar volunteers (Mo, Nicole?) standing with them and stroking them - much the same way that someone is usually with the other dogs.
Then once it is over and Spritely is gone, lead them into the barn, leaving Spritely's stall open (and all the stalls) and let them go in there if they wish.

Carol, I was really hoping your post this evening would be the funny stories you told me about this morning's adventures - the phone conversation that began "oh my freakin' gawd!!!" and had me laughing at the images you created - I'm so sorry that the day did not continue in the way it began. (((hugs))). And I really wish I could be there tomorrow. Do you have a rough idea of what time the vet is coming?


Gideon and Swinger were trying to take care of Spritely today. They know she isn't well, if she suddenly disappeared it would probably cause them more distress then if they were alowed to guard her as she crosses over. Animals can be very spiritual creatures when they have the chance. Gideon and Swinger deserve that chance.