Rescue Journal

hope floats

Alison  ·  Dec. 9, 2006

i got my sorry little frightened butt out into the barn and took spritely for a stroll. she is walking this morning. appointment cancelled. will this time come again for spritely? yes it will, but not today.

thank you to everyone who listened while i fussed and cried and carried on and for today anyway, we are all good. thank you god for miracles.

these freaking animals are killing me.



Sprietly is doing so much better today, I was filled with dread on my drive out there & kept running different scenarios through my head to prepare myself, I found myself actually going below the posted speed limit & knew I was just doddling ( as my mother used to put it ) when I pulled into the drive & Carol asked if I read " the post " I knew she was better ! Thank Spritely for finding it inside yourself to pull through this, we love you & want you here with us.

Horses are amazing & I wish there was a SAINTS for all of those in need... maybe one day.


Hey Carol, do you ever get the feeling these animals are messin' with your mind????

NOW will you tell the story of your adventures with Swinger yesterday? or do I have to track down the neighbour who witnessed it????

I hope you and all the beasts have a great day today.


Spritely says...

Thank you Carol for loving me and fighting for me... Let's rest a little today from all the worry and dread, and enjoy another day together!


Kind of like an emotional rollercoatser I would think. Glad Spritely had a good night and is doing better. How is Baby Jack, and Jackie doing?